A Look Back at Past
Glyos System Reviews

For Glyos System Week, we also want to take a look back at the previous reviews featuring the Glyos System that we’ve done here at IAT, there’s about thirty reviews in total ranging from some of the early Glyos to today and including the OSM, OMFG, & SMC Armory Series.

For Glyos System Week, we also want to take a moment and highlight the previous Glyos System reviews featured her at IAT:

Glyos System Reviews:

Glyos System Callgrim Centurion Henshin Wave
Armodoc & Rig (Clear) Phaeson Revolutionary Volkriun Rig
Gobon DRT Warp Bikes Gendrone Shock Force
Heavy Armored Rig Rig Runner Spectre Callgrim & Warp Bikes
Venjorun Armorvor Block, Wedge, & Switch Pin

Outer Space Men Reviews:

Wv 1 & 2 – Alpha Phase Wv 1 & 2 – Beta Phase Wv 1 & 2 – Galactic Holiday
Wv 1 & 2 – Infinity Edition Wv 3 & 4 – Alpha Phase Gylaxia Command Xodiac
Wv 3 & 4 – Beta Phase Wv 3 & 4 – Galactic Holiday Wv 3 – Infinity Edition
Wv 4- Infinity Edition Wv 1 & 2 – Birnkrant Edition Wv 5 & Cyclops – Alpha Phase
Wv 1 – 4 Horsemen Edition

Glyos Related Reviews (OMFG, Spy Monkey, TGB Customs)

SMC Armory Series 1 SMC Armory Series 1.5 Granthan Head (TGB Customs)
OMFG Series 1


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Glyos System Reviews

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