Funko’s Disney Afternoon TaleSpin Baloo Review

Unlike DuckTales, I don’t remember as much about TaleSpin so this review might be a little light . The shows didn’t really overlap in their first run, so I must not have been watching as many cartoons when Baloo & Rebecca made their way into syndication. I knew about the show – the concept, reimagining The Jungle Book characters into a modern adventure show & air service shipping company, was out there, but they made it work for one, long 65-episode season.

My biggest memory of the show, which turned out to be semi on purpose, was the show reminding me of Cheers with the relationship between Baloo & Rebecca mimicking that of Sam and… well, Rebecca, from Cheers. Both Sam & Baloo have become unable to run their own business, both lose them to their respective Rebeccas, and both ultimately must work as an employee at their own business on the way towards falling in love.

Speaking of Rebecca, I was surprised to not see her featured on the card art. Just as with DuckTales, the card art is specific to the show and looks good, I like the circle bubble over the globe. It features a scene from the Flight of the Snow Duck which focused heavily on Baloo, Wildcat, and Molly and ends up with a couple series regulars missing. It’ll be interesting to see if future figures feature the same scenes or that we’ll see some different scenes mixed in on the card backers. Continue to Page 2…