Beta Phase Outer Space Men
In Hand Images

Over the weekend, the NYCC Exclusive Beta Phase Outer Space Men showed up at my doorstep! This wave featured the four OSM characters in some exciting new colorways. We’re still holding off on an official review for the main releases, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show you some pics of these cool exclusives.

Hopefully, we should be able to bring you a full-blown review of the Outer Space Men Regular Editions here in a few weeks (our fingers are crossed!) and, as such, we’ve just snapped a few pics and are enjoying these Beta Phase figures…

I think I like the color choices for the Beta Phase better (yes, even the hot pink) than the Alpha phase.

Though I really could go for some Haribo Gummi Bears right now…

Though I don’t think I grabbed any for the pics, the 3 non-squid guys do come with alternate bent arms too.

I’m interested to have Xodiac’s regular release in-hand. He’s my least favorite in both the Alpha & Beta waves…

I’ll admit it… I originally scoffed at the hot pink, but I was wrong. He’s awesome.

Blue Nautilus was the key to this set for us. My wife insisted that we own him no matter the cost.

As advertised, the parts are interchangeable; some simple same-character switches can add to the uniforms.
Or in Xodiac’s case, he can become completely uniform.

You can also really cross things up to make some more… garish designs.

Neptune is a crazy place, I’m sure of it.

A little bird told me that DCUC17 was going to look very similar to this…

The Beta Phase was originally offered by AFX & Toy Tokyo as NYCC Exclusives, but those sites have some sets still available . You can head over to AFX for a full set or to ToyTokyo for Metamorpho & Xodiac.

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4 thoughts on “Beta Phase Outer Space Men
In Hand Images

  1. Great pics, Noisy! They do look like candy altogether. Maybe the 4H should make osm gummies to sell. 😛

  2. “A little bird told me that DCUC17 was going to look very similar to this…”

    Oh god, don’t remind me…

    These do look sharp though. I wasn’t able to get a set, but its for the best. I doubt I could’ve gotten them all, so it’s better to miss some early and just buy the ones I want.

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