Ask Matty
November 1st Edition

Ask Matty – November 1st Edition

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DCClassics.Com: Will the Wal-Mart 2pks continue beyond Fates Intertwined & Power Struggle or are those the only two currently scheduled?

That is up to Wal-Mart. If they want to continue the program with more packs we are ready to support, but we can’t announce any until we have orders from the retailers.

DClassics.Com: Is the Hal vs. Sinestro 2pk on the 2010 or 2011 schedule?

Holiday 2010, ideally.(We’ve updated DCClassics.Com with the latest release schedule.)

MOTUClassics.Com: Seeing the Ghostbusters with Santa Hats makes us wonder if we’ll ever see something similar in MOTU Classics?

Ehhh, maybe, but don’t count on it any time soon.

MOTUClassics.Com: A lot of Ask Mattel answers talk about MOTU “refreshes” – minor changes to previously released figures. One possibility mentioned would be Keldor with a white streak of hair. Would a small change like that be planned as a subscription item or will this be a new category of figure planned outside the subscription?

This would require a new deco to be added making him a development SKU and not just a reissue. If we did that Keldor – with a white stripe in the hair – it would need to take the place of another new development slot.

Editor’s Note: We’re not really interested in a skunk-Keldor. Our question was aimed at how Mattel would handle doing these minor repaints that it keeps answering questions about as possible “refreshes”. We’d prefer they not be subscription items.

ItsAllTrue.Net: How tall is the Nunzio Scoleri pack-in that comes with Courtroom Peter? What articulation does he feature?

He has articulation at the neck, arms and feet. He also has two pairs of swappable feet, flying and standing; he is about 3.5-inches tall.

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7 thoughts on “Ask Matty
November 1st Edition

  1. Nice to know it is SO HARD to paint a stripe on a figure’s hair that it will take away from another figure… 😛

    1. yup… isn’t that some shit…. a stripe of hair would take an entire month’s slot… it’s lucky for matty that he-fans aren’t as picky about how they pay for the toys as matty is w/ how they make them, eh?

      1. So, adding one additional paint op, something that would be something like “new op, add overspray to paint op (y) using new stencil (y+1)” would completely knock an ENTIRE FIGURE out of the sked?

        How does that work?

        Oh, wait…come on, say it with me..


        right? 🙂

        OK, look, I can see that maybe, somehow, the contracts with the Chinese factory are SO specific that for THEIR accounting and purposes adding that step is considered an entirely new production, but man.

        I say run off a batch of new Keldor heads and ship them somewhere ELSE for the stripe. Hell, loan me the equipment and stencil and I’ll paint the damn stripe for five cents a head or something. Heck, I don’t need an airbrush, I can do it with the stencil and a camel hair brush. I could do it freehand but I think a stencil would produce a more consistent product…

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