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Mattel Announces MOTU
Classics & Ghostbusters SDCC Exclusives

Toy Fair Armchair Coverage: Diamond Select Ghostbusters

Checklist Updates!
Star Wars, 4 Horsemen, Ghostbusters, & Batman

Lego #21108
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Review


SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
The Checklist Updates

The final part of our Armchair Coverage is always the most work: updating checklists! There are still some tweaks and touch-ups to do here and there, but each of the main checklists are updated with the latest info from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s the skinny on

Ask Mattel June 15th
Link Roundup

Ghostbusters: “Ready to Believe
You” Peter Venkman Review

I was going through my box of unreviewed toys last week and ran across the Ready to Believe You Venkman. Oops. I’m not ready for Nekron Week, I’m caught up on MOTU, I still need to find a few more Marvel Legends… so what the heck, let’s

Mattel Ghostbusters Stay
Puft Marshmallow Man Review

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got quite the review backlog going and some of the figures have been waiting for awhile. Rather than get further behind by trying to still fit them into the regular schedule, I’m going to do some occasional weekend reviews. I’m starting with

Ask Matty February 15th
Link Roundup

Vigo Review

Review-A-Palooza chugs on with a short review on a much-anticipated addition to Mattel’s Ghostbusters line, Vigo! I’ve put this off review because I wasn’t sure what tone to take with it. Do I get hung up on its limitations? Focus on what I like? Ideally, this review

2011 Retrospective:
Highlights & Disappointments

Our 2nd installment in the IAT 2011 Retrospective is here: Highlights & Disappointments. Instead of doing separate lists, Vault and I tried a more back-and-forth round table article about what we liked and what we didn’t. It was an interesting effort, even though there wasn’t much

Ask Matty
December 15th Edition

Ask Matty
December 1st Edition

Ghostbusters: Slimeblower Ray
Stantz Review (Cinema Ghost)

With the not so great news coming out about Ghostbusters Classics like the cancellation of the Ecto-1 subscription and the $8 blowout (but not sellout), it doesn’t feel like the greatest time to be a Ghostbusters collector. Still, I picked up Slimeblower Ray, but he did little

Ask Matty
November 1st Edition

Ghostbusters: Ready to Believe
You Egon Review (Lab Coat)


Well, I suddenly find myself wishing that I’d posted this review a little sooner. Having only recently come back into the Ghostbusters line as a collector, the news of Club Ecto-1 being cancelled was a rather hard blow. Still, the line’s not dead and that means the

2012 Club Ecto-1 Cancelled
Update: Toy Guru Speaks…

I saw some somber news checking Twitter after leaving work this evening: Mattel has cancelled the 2012 Club Ecto-1 subscription program. There appears to be some shuffling going to keep the line alive and the subscription no longer fit in those plans. It kinda sucks, but the

UPDATE: Mattel Answers “Mad Matty Monday” Questions


Here I was minding my own business on Twitter today when I saw a strange tweet beaming out of the Mattel offices. They’re announcing a new Mattycollector program, purposely light on details, called “Mad Matty Mondays”. It sounds like a great deal, if only you knew

Ask Matty
Mid-June Edition


Checklist Updates: MOTU Classics, Ghostbusters, & Captain America

A good checklist is almost always a work in progress and while we were away the last couple weeks we missed a fair share of updates. As IAT returns to its normal schedule, I need to spend some time getting our various checklists in order. I’ve

Ask Matty
May 1st Edition


Previously, it’s been stated that “shipping rates are billed based on weight”, but ordering 2 sets of Battle Stands (under a pound) currently costs the same as shipping two figures (typically a pound and a half or more). While we understand that a figure like Panthor should and does cost more to ship, why do we not see lower rates for lighter items?

SDCC 2011 Exclusives:
Official Images from Mattel

Since Attack of the Show’s strangly decided not to focus on the He-Man items last night, it fell back to Mattel to give us our first good look at the 2011 exclusives. They’ve come to our aid early this morning with images and information on the upcoming San Diego Exclusives for MOTU Classics, DC Classics, Voltron, etc.

Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Attack of the Show’s met up with Mattel’s very own Scott Neitlich to find out what they have in store for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and it’s a doozy. The exclusive video is availabe after the jump

Ask Matty
January 15th Edition

Ask Matty
December 1st Edition


First, thanks for giving collectors the full complement of He-Man accessories in Faker colors! Looking ahead, has Mattel put any focus on producing more axes and shields to match the various swords already released with figures like Wun-Dar & Prince Adam

Ask Matty
November 1st Edition


Will the Wal-Mart 2pks continue beyond Fates Intertwined & Power Struggle or are those the only two currently scheduled?

Most Requested Figures:
Ghostbusters II Vigo


With our Round 2 finalists chosen, it’s time to kick off Round 3. Who will lead off our final dozen? I’ll give you a hint: He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered. His last words were “Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I’ll be back.” So where the heck is Vigo the Carpathian?

Upgrades to DCClassics.Com
& MOTUClassics.Com


Some of you might have noticed that we were a little light on the updates last week. There were a couple family birthdays and some crazy wedding preperation adventures, but mostly, I was neck deep in photographing all of my DC Classics and coding CSS/HTML for the biggest updates to our checklists yet.

Ask Matty
August 16th Edition


Since GB2 Winston (w/ slimeblower) appears to be a WIP can we expect to see the full chest harness for the slimeblower on the final figure?

SDCC Armchair RoundUp
& Updated Checklists


Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning after a long toy news binge? Sitting in your office and being worried that you might have missed something important while you were reeling from another panel’s announcements? Did one too many toy reveals leave you unconscious the next day? We’ve got you covered…

SDCC ’10 Armchair Coverage
Friday & Saturday


SDCC is upon us yet again and with the IAT folk staying home this year, it’s time for our Armchair Coverage. We’ll be up late scouring the very best links with the best news and images and compiling them here for our readers. This article is stickied and will be updated with new links Friday & Saturday, so check back often!

SDCC ’10 Armchair Coverage
Preview Night & Day One


SDCC is upon us yet again and with the IAT folk staying home this year, it’s time for our Armchair Coverage. We’ll be up late scouring the very best links with the best news and images and compiling them here for our readers. This article is stickied and will be updated with new links each day, so check back often!

Truetorial: Has Mattel
Crossed the Streams?


Normally, I get to express my opinions on toys in the form of reviews. If I have thoughts about a particular line or the job a certain company is doing, I usually work them in there. But I can only do that if I’m buying the toys and in the case of Mattel’s Ghostbusters line, I’ve stopped doing just that.

Attack of the Show - Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part II


Attack of the Show’s Blair Butler returned to Mattel Headquarters for the second half of SDCC reveals including exclusives for WWE, Real Ghostbusters, Toy Story 3, and Avatar.

Truetorial: Real Ghostbusters
can’t be Megos, can they?


In four months, I’m going to be 30 years old. I’m not really worried about it. Things don’t feel much different from when I was a kid. The space shuttle is still the primary space vehicle, ketchup still isn’t a vegetable, and Clash of

Amusing Articulations: Ghostbusters Minimates get all the cool stuff!

Toy Fair 2010 Armchair
Coverage RoundUp

Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning worried that you might have missed an important Toy Fair announcement? Couldn’t convince your significant other that Toy Fair was more important than Valentine’s Day? It’sAllTrue.Net has you covered. We’re not at Toy Fair this year,

Mr. Rant likes his Green Lantern figures big.

Toy Guru recently announced his promotion to brand manager of the action figure line based on the upcoming Green Lantern movie. First, congratulations. Second, there’s an issue I wanted to address before it’s too late.

Mattel, Toy Guru, I want you to stop doing 5 inch Movie

Most Requested Year-End Poll: Choose Your Own

This year, we’ve featured eighteen Most Requested articles. And although we really wanted each and everything we asked for, we also want to know which of the Most Requested Figures really is the most requested. And the best part is, you get to decide.

Before we

Most Requested Figures: The Real Ghostbusters - Samhain

Amusing Articulations: I ain't afraid of no heartburn.

Ghostbusters Classics:
Ray Stantz Review

The Ghostbusters line is on the tertiary of my collecting interest. It shouldn’t be. I love the movies. I love the cartoon. I’ve always had Ghostbusters something around whether it’s a t-shirt, a pin, or a Stay-Puft shaped notepad. But for some reason, I’m just not that

Most Requested
Figures: Ecto-Cooler

Most Requested Figures: Ghostbusters Minimates

Amusing Articulations:

Amusing Articulations: He’s Just in It for the Steady Paycheck…

Ghostbusters Classics (SDCC):
Slimed Egon Spengler Review

For awhile now, I’ve been buying DC “Super Powers” Classics, 25th Anniversary Joes, MOTU Classics, and others. It’s like a second childhood. I loved the toys as a kid and I love them again now when they’ve been rebuilt for my “adult” sensibilities (and my “I have

Ghostbusters Video Game
Minimates (& SDCC Blank!)

Because this is primarily a toy blog, I don’t get to show off my love for Ghostbusters as often as I’d like. For years, my Ghostbusters needs had to be satiated with stickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc. Well, thanks to Mattel and Diamond Select, that’s starting to change. We’re getting figures

Friday Five: Links
You Need to Know About

SDCC Armchair
Coverage RoundUp

Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning after a long toynews binge? Not sure if you might have missed something important while you were reeling from another panel’s announcements? It’sAllTrue.net has you covered.

First, we’d like to thank everyone that kept checking in

SDCC Sat RoundUp –
Armchair Coverage Day 4

Coverage is a little later than normal tonight. The ItsAllTrue Crew travelled to Oklahoma City to attend the Grand Opening of Oklahoma’s first Lego store! We had a few pics of the outside of the store and the R2D2 Build event at ItsAllTrue.Net’s Twitter, but check

SDCC Fri RoundUp –
Armchair Coverage Day 3

Day 3 SDCC coverage was dominated by the large toy company panels. Hasbro held their big Star Wars panel while Mattel held two panels, one for DC Comics and another covering their Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe lineups. In addition to the panels, plenty of

SDCC Thurs RoundUp – Armchair Coverage Day 2

With Preview night being the first reveal of new product and Fri/Sat hosting most of the panels, Thursday seems to have gotten a little lost in terms of new links. And if you’re a regular over at AFI, they’re dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can’t

SDCC Preview Night RoundUp
Armchair Coverage Updated

Amusing Articulations:
Ghostbusters & Hellboy Team-Up

Mr. Rant asks
Where are my DC Minimates???

Matty on Facebook:
SDCC Update

ItsAllTrue Review:
Ghostbusters Minimates

Egon Spengler
Packaging Revealed!

Ghostbusters Classics
Resource Page