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Ask Mattel June 15th
Link Roundup

Ask Mattel May 15th
Link Roundup

Vault Review: WWE
Legends Sgt. Slaughter


It’s been a long time since I’ve watched any professional wrestling, so I never really feel compelled to buy any of the figures. Well that all ended last weekend when I strolled into my local Target to find Mattel’s WWE Legends Sgt. Slaughter on clearance. And

Ask Matty
July 15th Edition


We enjoyed many of the Starro accessories we saw at SDCC 2009. Has anything new been decided on the future of non-Batman Brave & the Bold figures? If we can’t expect to see Captain Marvel soon, will his Starro accessories be repackaged somewhere else in the line

Ask Matty
June 15th Edition


Attack of the Show - Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part II


Attack of the Show’s Blair Butler returned to Mattel Headquarters for the second half of SDCC reveals including exclusives for WWE, Real Ghostbusters, Toy Story 3, and Avatar.

Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in April, Wave 11 Details, & More!

Today on Facebook, Matty gave us a big November update: