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Infinite Earths Ice


Vault Review: Club
Infinite Earths Aquaman


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Batzarro Review


Vault Review:
DC Classics Ra’s Al Ghul


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Ocean Master Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Huntress Review


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Infinite Earths Fire Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Freddy Freeman Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Wally West Flash Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Red Hood Review


DCClassics.Com Club
Infinite Earths Larfleeze Review

Alright, I’m still getting back in the groove here, so you might forgive any typos or grammatical errors today (this means you, Brainlock 😀 ). Well, it might be that I’m exhausted or it could just be I’m tired of doing Rainbow Lantern reviews? I’m thinking

Vault Review: DC Classics
Monsieur Mallah & The Brain


Between the lack of uniquely sculpted subs figures and the focus on Nu52, it feels like the DC Classics line is wrapping up. All lines have to at some point, and it was a great run while it lasted. It’s just sad that

DCClassics.Com Club IE
Phantom Stranger Review

I haven’t had time to gather up the review links of late (man, that’s gonna be one massive list…), but how about we toss a brief review into the Friday mix to make up for it? Today, I’ve got a quick look at Mattel’s version of Phantom

DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Saint Walker Review

Two St. Walker’s walk into a bar… ah, I forget the rest. Some collectors consider the overlap in character selection between DC Direct & Mattel to be a joke, but I try to look on the bright side – it’s an opportunity to choose the better of

DCClassics.Com Club IE
Lead, Platinum, & Tin Review

In my efforts to get caught up on my backlog of reviews, I thought it might be a good idea to throw December’s Club Infinite Earths offerings into one big review. It seemed only naturally since Mattel chose that month to (nearly) complete the Metal Men with

Vault Review: DC Classics
John Constantine


In our never ending quest to get caught up on toy reviews, I’ll be taking a look at a figure that originally came out way back in November. Like Swamp Thing, Constantine is a character that I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Uncle Sam Review

Today was supposed to be my grand return to getting IAT back on schedule. Well, I managed to lose the box with my camera & photo shoot gear, like the infamous blue backdrop, and it’s nearly noon as I finally get started writing. So let’s just

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Elasti-Girl Review

When Elasti-Girl arrived at the end of the last month, the first thing I said was, “finally.” If you’d asked me back in 2008 for my “Top Ten Characters that Need to be C&Cs” list, Elasti-Girl would’ve easily been in my top three. Instead, she ended

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Poison Ivy Review

Classics got its erstwhile start as a Batman line nine years ago. Six years ago, a Batman theme held down every other wave of DCSH. And DC Classics (2008-2011) certainly never strayed too far from Batman & his rogues. With all that Bat-history, it’s inconceivable that

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Black Mask Review

DC Comics has got a slew of characters that wear boring ol’ suits. Mattel has a figure subscription specifically targeted at collectors. When Mattel announced Club Infinite Earths, I was excited at the prospect of getting some boring ol’ suit figures. Black Mask wasn’t on the

Vault Review: Club Infinite
Earths Mirror Master


With DCUC currently MIA and DC Direct focusing on video games and all things Nu, the Club Infinite Earths subscription has been my only link to the comics and characters I love. And now with Rocket Red out of the way, it’s pure

Ask Mattel September 1st
& Link Round-Up

DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Starman Review

Last week was a little light on reviews, so it seems fitting we kick things into high gear this week with Reviewapalooza II! Our second foray into the mad world of double reviews will feature over a dozen figures between today & Saturday. Let’s kick off with

DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Atrocitus Review

Every once in awhile, time just gets away from me. I didn’t realize how long I’d had Atrocitus sitting here when a reader asked me to not skip Atrocitus last week. I was always planning on reviewing him, but somehow he snuck past my sense of urgency.

DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Rocket Red Review

I have no idea what to write about Rocket Red. I’ve got twelve pictures to work around and I don’t think anyone’s going to stick through two pages of me bitching and moaning about how this figure annoys me. I like to have fun with toys, but

SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
MOTU & DC Classics Round-Up!

SDCC 2012 has wrapped! It’s Monday morning, the SDCC attendees are heading home while the rest of us are already back at work, but, let’s face it, productivity isn’t on the agenda today. This year’s IAT SDCC Armchair Coverage features over 300 links from more

DC Classics.Com Club Exclusive
Metron & his Mobius Chair Review

Have I ever mentioned I loathe fan polls? (I know I have, but it’s fun to ask). I’ve been thinking about them a lot while photographing DC Universe Classics Metron. He’s just (about) right, but I’m also glad that he’s not “Red Rocket” or Black Lantern Swamp

DC Classics.Com Golden Age
Flash Jay Garrick Review

DCUC is dead. Long live… DCUC! Last year, Mattel took my collector heart and crushed it with six little words: “will no longer be at retail”. Summer 2011 will not soon be forgotten by DC fans. The toyline imploded. The comics disintegrated. It was a bad time

Ask Mattel May 15th
Link Roundup

Ask Mattel April 16th
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Ask Mattel April 2nd
+ Link Roundup (Updated!)

Ask Matty
December 15th Edition

Ask Matty
December 1st Edition

Who wants their Mobius Chair
to light-up? (Off-Site Link)

You didn’t think the petitions would end with Club Infinite Earths being approved, did you? AFi’s techno-whiz and friend of IAT, Vader, has setup a site in an effort to get Mattel to include light-up features in Metron’s Chair. Check out his site (there’s sound!) and