Vault Review: Club
Infinite Earths Aquaman

I’ve always been a fan of DC Comics’ characters, but it wasn’t until the 90’s when I jumped headlong into the universe and began subscribing regularly to a number of the books.  There were a couple of very specific instigators for my renewed interest, and one of them was Kenner’s Total Justice line.  I can still remember finding them in the store for the first time, looking at the back of the box and wondering who that new Green Lantern was and what the heck happened to Aquaman.


I soon discovered that Peter David happened.  He took a character that was largely considered a joke and treated him with a more serious and realistic feel and personality.  Sure he could still talk with the fishes, but now he was also the ruler of over half the planet, dealing with personal and political issues just as much as fighting the bad guys.  Replacing a lost hand with a harpoon is pretty much the perfect symbolism for how Aquaman doesn’t take shit anymore.


With new tooling at a minimum, I was actually really surprised by just how well Arthur turned out.  His head sculpt is one of the more detailed in the line with that manly beard and huge plume of flowing hair.  The hair sculpt alone gives him a dynamic pose, even when you’re not trying.  His stern “I’m gonna kick your ass” gaze gives the figure a lot of personality too.


When looking at the body, Hook-Hand Aquaman is almost entirely new.  His upper chest, right bicep, and forearm are covered in armor with sculpted bands.  There’s the obvious hook forearm on his left hand.  His legs are new, with sculpted scales running down the sides.  Heck, even his belt new as far as I can tell.  Continue to page 2…

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Infinite Earths Aquaman

  1. One wonders what Mattel had against Kyle, given his prominence in the 90s and the minimal tooling needed to make him…

    1. Kyle got two DCUC figures. Then again, you’re probably referring to the gauntlet/boots “first appearance” costume we all remember best, not the “War of Light” look/version that was basically the crabmask head and power ring hand on a buck body, which got a Blue Lantern variant with Yellow Hal that was nigh impossible to find.

  2. Just saw the DC Direct one, I guess a few people bought a few to do a custom Jesus

  3. This figure is an example of why the line was so great. Fantastic sculpt plus great articulation. I mean, whats there to complain about? The straight back hair? Who’d of thought we’d get such a wide array of Aquamans too?

        1. well, DCU mostly gave you ball jointed necks that can’t look up or down… so they’re effectively swivels. they also removed the rocker ankle motion for more than half the run of the line, and they introduced double knee and elbows in the last third of the run, but only used them for characters that didn’t really need them, while not using them on characters who’d have made sense.

          and all of that is before considering the numerous complaints of joints rendered effectively useless, or of limited utility, due to warpage, paint seal, and shearing accidents…

          i could go on, but i think you get the point. 🙂 the line was FAR from defect free, and in fact, featured many designed and intended “DOH!” moments.

  4. I kinda wish we had gotten this version back in w7 instead of easy-redeco Aqua-camo version. At least the Kenner TJ/JLA version got a gold armor variant. which I managed to snag an extra and painted his orange shirt on = even better!

    This guy will fit in with the rest of my Morrison-era JLA. you know, aside from missing Zauriel (TOGA!), Aztek, Huntress (black bodysuit/pre-Hush), and ORACLE (which I do have the DCD).

    Which verison of the DC Direct PADiator is that? I don’t recall another one besides the McG JLA:Classified body?

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