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Doomsday Unleashed


DCClassics.com SDCC
Exclusive Doomsday


NYCC: Mattel Armchair
News Armchair Coverage

Mattel’s DC Classics
Unleashes Doomsday!

Evil Mike’s Customs
Necro-Scythe Blade & Hilt Review


DCClassics.com Club
Infinite Earths Ice


Vault Review: Club
Infinite Earths Aquaman


Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Captain America Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Batzarro Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Ocean Master Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Huntress Review


Watchmen: Club Black
Freighter: Nite Owl II Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Wally West Flash Review


DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Red Hood Review


Watchmen: Club Black Freighter
Silk Spectre II Review


Mattel Announces SDCC Exclusive
For DCUC/CIE & No One Cares

Mattel announced their DCUC/CIE exclusive for SDCC this year and… I honestly think I liked last year’s nothing better. I try not go negative here at IAT, but this one just bugs me. I almost don’t want to post it. It’s got dumb Mattel, Geoff Johns,

Superboy Prime Review

I had six-hour meeting three hours from home today, so this will be brief. When I got home and scanned the unreviewed toy shelf, I wanted to find something I could sum up quickly – probably something I didn’t care too much about, something that had

Watchmen: Club Black Freighter
Doctor Manhattan Review

One of the lines I’m most excited about this year is the comic-based Watchmen line. Yes, it’s from Mattel and that does mean there is the potential for an issue or two, but this is line I’ve wanted for so long that Mattel doesn’t have to

DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Elongated Man Review

Every April Fool’s Day is pretty much the same at IAT. I always forget to come up with anything clever. Vault’s girlfriend will ask about the plush sheep review she did years ago. I still won’t understand how it’s an April Fool’s joke. Anyway, let’s move

DCClassics.Com Batman Unlimited
(Super Powers) Penguin Review

There are figures you really want and then there are figures you inexplicably must have. The classic Penguin is one of those figures for me. I have a lot of wants for the 6” DC line. I want more characters. I want more tooling. And yet here

DCClassics.Com Club IE
Lead, Platinum, & Tin Review

In my efforts to get caught up on my backlog of reviews, I thought it might be a good idea to throw December’s Club Infinite Earths offerings into one big review. It seemed only naturally since Mattel chose that month to (nearly) complete the Metal Men with

Watchmen: Club Black Freighter
Rorschach Review

I finally found where I packed my old trusty blue background. It could use a good scrubbing, but that’s nothing new. Since Uncle Sam was done on the fly, I’m calling this my first official 2013 review and what better way to kick things off than with

Vault Review: DC Classics
John Constantine


In our never ending quest to get caught up on toy reviews, I’ll be taking a look at a figure that originally came out way back in November. Like Swamp Thing, Constantine is a character that I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Uncle Sam Review

Today was supposed to be my grand return to getting IAT back on schedule. Well, I managed to lose the box with my camera & photo shoot gear, like the infamous blue backdrop, and it’s nearly noon as I finally get started writing. So let’s just

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Elasti-Girl Review

When Elasti-Girl arrived at the end of the last month, the first thing I said was, “finally.” If you’d asked me back in 2008 for my “Top Ten Characters that Need to be C&Cs” list, Elasti-Girl would’ve easily been in my top three. Instead, she ended

Ask Matty “November 1st”
Link Roundup

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Poison Ivy Review

Classics got its erstwhile start as a Batman line nine years ago. Six years ago, a Batman theme held down every other wave of DCSH. And DC Classics (2008-2011) certainly never strayed too far from Batman & his rogues. With all that Bat-history, it’s inconceivable that

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Black Mask Review

DC Comics has got a slew of characters that wear boring ol’ suits. Mattel has a figure subscription specifically targeted at collectors. When Mattel announced Club Infinite Earths, I was excited at the prospect of getting some boring ol’ suit figures. Black Mask wasn’t on the

Vault Review: Club Infinite
Earths Mirror Master


With DCUC currently MIA and DC Direct focusing on video games and all things Nu, the Club Infinite Earths subscription has been my only link to the comics and characters I love. And now with Rocket Red out of the way, it’s pure

DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Atrocitus Review

Every once in awhile, time just gets away from me. I didn’t realize how long I’d had Atrocitus sitting here when a reader asked me to not skip Atrocitus last week. I was always planning on reviewing him, but somehow he snuck past my sense of urgency.

4H Say ‘Some’, Design Says ‘Two’

Amid the excitement over the possibility of the DKR Batman utilizing a MOTUC buck, I was privately getting worried that we were setting ourselves up. Unable to determine scale, I thought we might just be looking at a new “chunky” DC buck. I’m happy to report that

DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Rocket Red Review

I have no idea what to write about Rocket Red. I’ve got twelve pictures to work around and I don’t think anyone’s going to stick through two pages of me bitching and moaning about how this figure annoys me. I like to have fun with toys, but

SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
The Checklist Updates

The final part of our Armchair Coverage is always the most work: updating checklists! There are still some tweaks and touch-ups to do here and there, but each of the main checklists are updated with the latest info from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s the skinny on

SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
MOTU & DC Classics Round-Up!

SDCC 2012 has wrapped! It’s Monday morning, the SDCC attendees are heading home while the rest of us are already back at work, but, let’s face it, productivity isn’t on the agenda today. This year’s IAT SDCC Armchair Coverage features over 300 links from more

Ask Mattel July 2nd
Link Roundup (Updated!)

Ask Mattel May 15th
Link Roundup

DC Classics.com Nekron Week!
Green Arrow Vault Review


The last regular figure in DC Universe Classics Wave 20 is my figure to review, and I think he might just be the best figure in the entire wave. If nothing else, this version of Green Arrow is one last taste of how

DC Classics.com Nekron Week!
Red Arrow Vault Review


We’re rounding the bend of Nekron week with a look at the DC Universe Classics modern version of Roy Harper, the Red Arrow. Although the figure may not look it, Roy’s character has been through some pretty rough times, especially in the last

DC Classics.com Nekron Week!
Hawk and Dove Vault Review


Like Noisy, I’m not really into DC Classics wave twenty. I know the line will continue through the sub, but it seems like a lackluster way to end a generally good run. Of course my feelings are also compounded by the loss of

Ask Mattel April 16th
+ Link Roundup

Truetorial: Mattel Rips off the
DC All-Stars Band-Aid (Updated)

News of the (ideally temporary) demise of DC comic-based figures at retail has been circulating for a few days. With Young Justice canned, the DC Classics line moved almost entirely online, and DC Comics’ basic inability to market their wares, it’s not the best time to be

Ask Mattel April 2nd
+ Link Roundup (Updated!)

Ask Mattel March 15th
+ Link Roundup

Ask Matty February 15th
Link Roundup

DC Classics.com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)


Sorry for the late update everyone, I’m running a bit behind today. But the website must go on, and before we start talking about Toy Fair, I’m finishing the second half of the giant Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack review that Noisy started on

Vault Review: Batman Legacy
Series 3 Catwoman & FA Batman


I’m rounding out my week with a couple of figures from Batman Legacy wave three, which finally started poping up at stores here and there. Noisy was lucky enough to snag the First Appearance Batman and Earth 2 Catwoman, but I get to

DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Superboy Review

Young Justice. We meet again. This is one of those reviews were I passed on the figure initially, but repeated trips to the store and a lack of resolution about collecting the line ultimately led to picking up the figure. Not my favorite, but not bad, here’s

DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Sportsmaster Review (19 Pics)

I’ve gotta be careful what I say about Young Justice. I sometimes get in the mindset that I want to stop collecting the 6” line, but I hesitate to say it aloud because, seemingly inevitably, a new Young Justice Review keeps popping up here at IAT. This

2011 Retrospective:
Highlights & Disappointments

Our 2nd installment in the IAT 2011 Retrospective is here: Highlights & Disappointments. Instead of doing separate lists, Vault and I tried a more back-and-forth round table article about what we liked and what we didn’t. It was an interesting effort, even though there wasn’t much

2011 Retrospective:
Our Five Favorite Figures

This week, Vault & I will be looking back at the figures of 2011, what we enjoyed, and what we didn’t. Today, we’re kicking things off with a simple top ten. Vault and I have split the duties, each crafting a list of our five favorite

Ask Matty
December 15th Edition

Ask Matty
November 1st Edition

MOTUC, DCUC, & Marvel
Checklist Updates (Post-NYCC)

Was anyone else surprised by how quickly NYCC has become toy relevant? In years past, there might’ve been some toy news revealed at NYCC, but with Hasbro making a bigger commitment with NYCC-specific exclusives and Mattel trotting out a few reveals, last weekend ended up much more

Truetorial: A Brief History
of DCUC Case Assortments

While we’re waiting on the fate of the subscription, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at the upcoming case assortments for DC Universe Classics Wave 20. Mattel mentioned that the new DC line would offer them some flexibility and DCUC20 might just be a

Apache Chief Week:
DC Classics Samurai Review


Another DCUC wave has arrived at IAT and that means it’s time for another Theme Week! All week long Vault and I will be taking a look at the figures from DC Universe Classics Wave 18 – the Apache Chief Wave. Today, I’m kicking things off with

DCClassics.Com Review:
Swamp Thing (SDCC 2011)


With Swamp Thing being available on Mattycollector later today, I figured I’d rush his review to the front of the line. I didn’t want to write a negative review about Swamp Thing, and I didn’t, but this article isn’t exactly glowing. Still, here it is, with the

UPDATE: Mattel Answers “Mad Matty Monday” Questions


Here I was minding my own business on Twitter today when I saw a strange tweet beaming out of the Mattel offices. They’re announcing a new Mattycollector program, purposely light on details, called “Mad Matty Mondays”. It sounds like a great deal, if only you knew

Ask Matty
Mid-June Edition


SDCC 2011 Exclusives:
Official Images from Mattel

Since Attack of the Show’s strangly decided not to focus on the He-Man items last night, it fell back to Mattel to give us our first good look at the 2011 exclusives. They’ve come to our aid early this morning with images and information on the upcoming San Diego Exclusives for MOTU Classics, DC Classics, Voltron, etc.

Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Attack of the Show’s met up with Mattel’s very own Scott Neitlich to find out what they have in store for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and it’s a doozy. The exclusive video is availabe after the jump