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New York Comic Con 2012:
Armchair Coverage Round-Up

Another convention has come & gone and that means it’s time for a little Armchair Coverage here at IAT! I was away this weekend, but I came home & dived in to the news, taking some notes along the way. Some lines had big news

DC Direct Red Lantern
Guy Gardner Review

For this Weekend Spotlight, I’m looking at another 2011 figure that didn’t get their spot in the regular rotation: Red Lantern Guy Gardner from DC Direct. A year ago, many of us would’ve been happy to see a slew of Green Lantern figures. Well, what a difference

Vault Review: Batman Inc.
Knight and Man-Of-Bats


Grant Morrison’s run on Batman has produced a trove of terrific characters, and thankfully DC Direct has finally started adding them to their plastic roster. So I’m ending this week, and wrapping up my Batman Incorporated reviews, with a look at two of my favorite characters: Knight,

Vault Review: DC Direct
Batman, Inc. Damian as Robin


It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for an entire wave of DC Direct figures. The first wave of Batman, Incorporated figures are out and I actually bought three of the four released. But my favorite figure of the wave is Damian in his Robin

DC Direct Review: Brightest
Day Mera & Red Lantern Mera


With both DC Direct & Mattel producing (roughly) 6″ figures, I’m often faced with the temptation of mixing the two lines together. Sometimes it works seamlessly and other times not so much. DC Direct beat Mattel to last year’s breakout character: Mera and I again find

Vault Review: DC Direct’s
Brightest Day Deadman


With DC’s new universe looming above us, they toy companies are still playing catch-up with the last big event. No, not Flashpoint. I’m talking about Brightest Day. Even though Mattel hasn’t quite caught up, DC Direct is pumping out figures like Deadman before they become obsolete.

Toy Fair 2011 Armchair Coverage
RoundUp w/ Updated Checklists

Got that morning after feeling? I know I do. I not only spent all weekend being abused by toy companies trying to take their money, I foolishly vowed to have all the IAT Checklists updated before the weekend was out (they are!) Once I was done, I remembered there was still that little matter of doing some Armchair Coverage...

Vault Review: DC Direct’s
Batman Reborn: Azrael

azrTN When Jean-Paul Valley was killed off back in 2003, I thought the mantle of Azrael had died with him. How little faith I had in the cyclical nature of comics. Not only was I wrong about there being a new Azrael, but I was equally surprised by the decision of DC Direct to cast his image in plastic.