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Got that morning after feeling? I know I do. I not only spent all weekend being abused by toy companies trying to take their money, I foolishly vowed to have all the IAT Checklists updated before the weekend was out (they are!) Once I was done, I remembered there was still that little matter of doing some Armchair Coverage…

Vault Review: DC Direct’s
Batman Reborn: Azrael


When Jean-Paul Valley was killed off back in 2003, I thought the mantle of Azrael had died with him. How little faith I had in the cyclical nature of comics. Not only was I wrong about there being a new Azrael, but I was equally surprised by the decision of DC Direct to cast his image in plastic.

ItsAllTrue Review:
DC Direct’s Nekron


Though I took a pass on the Series IV figures, I knew I wasn’t done with DC Direct’s Blackest Night line. I’ve been tempted, but steered clear of picking up a Black Lantern JLA. I’m sticking to the oversized aliens not likely to get DCUC love. Nekron offers some flexibility with his size and I’ve opted to pick up DCD’s version.

DC Direct Blackest Night Series 7 & 8


Amusing Articulations: Well, if it were in scale, you couldn’t see it.

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