DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventures 6″ Two-Face Review

I’m finally able to wrap up DC Collectibles Animated reviews with a quick look at Two-Face. He was probably my least anticipated from this first wave. I’m a big fan of both BTAS & TNBA, but I definitely lean towards the BTAS designs.

I like plenty of the TNBA resdesigns, but I think very few are superior (Scarecrow, maybe?), many I like the same (Freeze), and a few I’m not a fan of much at all (Riddler). Two-Face falls into a different category, he’s not changed much at all.

Two-Face’s update was limited to adapting him to the sleeker, more minimalist look for the new show. It’s okay. The suit doesn’t change much, but Harvey’s face & Two-Face’s… um, face get just a little two sleek. Still, I’m a sucker. I’ve been having such a fun time picking up this line that I couldn’t resist grabbing all four and so I ordered Two-Face alongside Freeze.

Like the previous three figures, the sculpt is again a particularly impressive part of the figure. Gentle Giant did a great job on translating these guys from two dimension into three. The suit body looks fantastic. The suit coat is a soft plastic overlay, but it works seamlessly with the base figure and looks great. One thing of note is those teeny, tinesy feet! I swore this guy couldn’t stand, but he stands remarkably well despite those two-thpicks.

The other big highlight is the head sculpt. While TNBA Harvey’s not quite as cool his BTAS version, it still echoes that fun design and the sculpt brings it to life well. There is just one no-no on the sculpt though. Two-Face’s iconic coin seemed missing when it was included on the accessory list. Turns out, it’s sculpted into one of the alternate hands. On the… uh, one hand, this ensures I’ll never lose it, it does make for a cool display possibility, and technically, I can put in an alternate hand without the coin if I want to. So I can forgive this cardinal sin of toymaking this time.

Articulation for Two-Face was a little less than I expected. He features a lot of the same as the other three figures – ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, & elbows, the h-joints at the hips, hinges, at the knee, and the waist swivel. That’s been on almost all the figures so far. Two-Face got shorted at the wrists and ankles though with swivels replacing the ball joints. This isn’t terrible, but it is limiting; particularly on the wrists where the small range on the ball-jointed elbows could’ve used a little more help. Continue to Page 2…

7 thoughts on “DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventures 6″ Two-Face Review

  1. I expected DCC to use a suit buck for this one, but since you say GG are handling this sub-line, I guess they made their own?

    He does look good initially BUT they finally found something to detract from those annoying hip holes: those tiny feet.

    As for the coin, at least he isn’t holding it in his fingertips like several versions of the old BTAS/NBA figures did.

  2. Great review, as per.

    The TNBA sculpts are what convinced me not to bother with this line in the end. Don’t like the deigns nearly as much as the BTAS ones. And after what I’ve heard about quality control and fragility on some people’s figures, I’m glad I decided not to start with these things, however much I loved the cartoons.

  3. I highly doubt they’ll only do the one version of Two Face. It might take them longer to get there, but there’s been a big enough call for BTAS figures that I’m sure we’ll get him eventually… probably as the 22nd figure, since they made the first figure the second in the wave.

  4. Yeah, I really hope they make the BTAS version of Two-Face, too. For now, I’ve got both lines displayed as one, but as more figures are released, I plan on making two unique displays.

    And another character that didn’t see a lot of change on the New Adventures was Harley Quinn. Her and Two-Face were the least tweaked designs, but I’d gladly buy both versions if DC Collectibles releases them.

  5. Reading the comics in the voices from the show really made these zing. A great review once again.

    I saw all 4 of these thursday but knew I didn’t have enough. Impressive in person but yes that qc ish has me nervous. I like them though so debating still.

  6. Giving up collecting so my son can you now…eat and have clothes, was a no brainer but I am sad to be missing these. One day…

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