DC Collectibles Solicits Batman Animated Figures Wave 4

I figured with all the reviews I’m posting, I should also post the solicits for Wave 4 of DC Collectibles 6″ Animated Batman line! I’m a little late on these, but they’re due out in July, so I’m still plenty early in pointing them out!

I should be more excited by this wave than I am – the even numbered waves are BTAS heavy, it features two great villains: Riddler & Penguin, a Batgirl, and the Batman that started it all in 1992. But this wave isn’t looking as sharp as the previous solicits. I’m like Batgirl a lot and Ridder looks good too even if his softer plastic coat isn’t quite cut right to be show accurate. The Batman himself looks good, I thin his head is at a bad angle, so I’ll wait for more pics of him. But the Penguin? He just doesn’t look right. Is the head too big? Too round? Does the monocle having a realistic eye beneath it throw it off? I’m not sure, but I’m not loving it. Easily, the least exciting of the 16 revealed so far. Maybe it’ll look better come release time! Well, we can hope.

Wave 4 and the previous waves are available for order & pre-order at BBTS.


9 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Solicits Batman Animated Figures Wave 4

  1. Now see, none of these have those annoying hip holes to distract you!
    I can only hope the final product will look like this!
    Riddler and Babs are musts for me. I never was fond of this take on Penguin.

  2. Now there is the Batman I always wanted! Is it just me or are those ankles thicker now??? My Batman broke at the ankles on both it’s terrible. I pray they fixed the ankles and made stronger as they are the weak point or achilles heel of the line!

  3. This wave looks great! And it looks like the eye behind the monocle on the Penguin figure is slightly magnified, but not an exact match to the shows look (like in the pic posted above). No biggie for me, though. I plan on getting every figure in this line. Since they’re spacing the waves out far enough, it’s not too hard on the wallet.

    I’m pretty much only collecting this line now, along with the random figure here and there (like that 7″ NECA Keaton Batman).

  4. Is there any chance that the BEWARE THE BATMAN cast will get their own figures at this scale?

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