New Year, New Look!
Checklist Updates!

Okay, I’m trying to get back in the groove around here. Sam is sleeping through the night, Christmas is over, and, hey, the site’s got an all-new look!

Before we start the review engine up though, we’ve got a few more visual tweaks on the overall look and then there’s the checklists. The plan is to go through the all of them and either update retire them. Over the years, the number of checklists has grown and the truth is, they’re a lot of work to maintain on their own. The time & energy they take is one thing when I’m interested in a line, but when my collector-focus moves on, they really become a chore. I don’t know the last time I bought an MU figure. The Batman ’66 line didn’t come out as nicely as I wanted and I passed on almost the whole line. Star Wars Black? I’m on the fence. And there are one or two other lines I’d like to add too (I never learn).

For today, we’ve given a big update to the MOTU Classics Checklist, which can always be easily accessed at! On the Upcoming Releases page, we’ve finally gotten the NYCC reveals added and that page is ready for the new year (I’m still waiting on some good pics of Huntara and the Snake Armor He-Man 2pk). The 2014 Page has been updated with the December releases moved over and the sellout times added. This page is mostly done, it’s just waiting for me to catch up on the handful of reviews left from the lines last couple releases.

I’m going to put the Bios Page on the back burner for now. I always want to see that page do better (I love the searching and sorting feature!), but it just never nets much traffic and for that reason it’s possibly on the chopping block.

More updates to come!


15 thoughts on “New Year, New Look!
Checklist Updates!

  1. Keep the Star Wars Black please. I am way into that line and I would like to continue to come here for the checklist.

  2. Very Cool, Thanks for the Update! This is my “Go-To” Site when it comes to re- (re-re-re-) organizing packaging or shelf displays, I can’t think of anywhere else that puts it all in chronological order in such a “User-Friendly” fashion!

    Take Care! :^)

  3. On the upcoming MOTU page, it shows the Hover Bots and Spirit of King Grayskull accessory lists are the exact same as Snake He-Man and Huntara. Are the Hover Bots only a 2pk now instead of 3? Does King Grayskull come with Oo-Lars ax also?

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