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The MOTUClassics.Com Visual Checklist includes all figures released under the Masters of the Universe Classics line. This list is updated regularly and is generally considered complete. This page features the upcoming release schedule. Figures are listed by their release date. Previous releases have their sellout times listed and reviews are included when available. The upcoming release schedule is subject to change at any time.

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Jan 15th
(2015 Club)
Feb 16th
(2015 Club)
Feb 16th
(2015 Quarterly)
Mar 16th
(2015 Club)
Mar 16th
Apr 16th
(2015 Club)
Lizard Man Ninja Warrior Snake Armor
King Hssss
Huntara Oo-Larr Queen Angella

Includes Diamond
Ray of Disappearnace
& Sword.

Includes crossbow,
nunchuks, bow,
& Jitsu Belt.

2pk! Includes
Pincers, Sword, Snake
Staff & Shield.

two Energy Swords,
& Oo-Larr’s Axe.

Spear & Vintage
He-Man Head.

wings. Includes swords
& halo.

May 15th
(2015 Club)
June 16th
(2015 Club)
Q2 Quarterly
(2015 Club)
Blast-Attak Sssqueeze Multi-Bot Hover Robots King Grayskull
“Spirit of” v2

Includes axe
& energy whip.

Bendy arms.

Tons of parts.
Includes two
pistols. ($42)

3pk. Includes
three stands &
alternate hands.

Includes ???

Upcoming Releases
2008-09 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014
Bios | Reissues | News | Forum

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