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Evil Mike’s Customs
Necro-Scythe Blade & Hilt Review


DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
Collect & Connect Nekron Review

We were running a bit behind on DC Universe Classics Wave 20 reviews throughout last week and, as a result, Nekron sorta fell into the week after. Better late than never, I guess? Nekron is going to be a tough review for me as I don’t particularly

DC Classics.com Nekron Week!
Green Arrow Vault Review


The last regular figure in DC Universe Classics Wave 20 is my figure to review, and I think he might just be the best figure in the entire wave. If nothing else, this version of Green Arrow is one last taste of how

DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
White Lantern Flash Review

I have no idea what I’m going to say in this review. I really enjoyed DC Universe Classics over the years, warts and all. So much so that I’m a bit disenchanted with the prospect of wrapping up my reviews on the original line with a figure

DC Classics.com Nekron Week!
Red Arrow Vault Review


We’re rounding the bend of Nekron week with a look at the DC Universe Classics modern version of Roy Harper, the Red Arrow. Although the figure may not look it, Roy’s character has been through some pretty rough times, especially in the last

DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
Sinestro Corps Sinestro Review

If anything lets us know that the line ended, it’s this Sinestro. He’s essentially an apology figure. The original Sinestro figure was famously craptacular and it took Mattel nearly three years to make a corrected version. But that original figure had a variant, leaving one more error

DC Classics.com Nekron Week!
Hawk and Dove Vault Review


Like Noisy, I’m not really into DC Classics wave twenty. I know the line will continue through the sub, but it seems like a lackluster way to end a generally good run. Of course my feelings are also compounded by the loss of

DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
Reverse-Flash Review

Nekron Week is running a little behind. DC Universe Classics Wave 20 has been a difficult assortment to review. It’s my least favorite wave. It featured the only C&C I didn’t want. It ends the line. Ugh. To combat all that, I’m kicking off with my favorite

Ask Matty February 15th
Link Roundup

ItsAllTrue Review:
DC Direct’s Nekron


Though I took a pass on the Series IV figures, I knew I wasn’t done with DC Direct’s Blackest Night line. I’ve been tempted, but steered clear of picking up a Black Lantern JLA. I’m sticking to the oversized aliens not likely to get DCUC love. Nekron offers some flexibility with his size and I’ve opted to pick up DCD’s version.

DC Direct solicits new Blackest Night product: Mongul, Nekron, more Black Lanterns, & Rings!

DC Direct solicits hit the ‘net today and there were a few surprises for Blackest Night fans.