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Infinite Earths Larfleeze Review

Alright, I’m still getting back in the groove here, so you might forgive any typos or grammatical errors today (this means you, Brainlock 😀 ). Well, it might be that I’m exhausted or it could just be I’m tired of doing Rainbow Lantern reviews? I’m thinking

DCClassics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Saint Walker Review

Two St. Walker’s walk into a bar… ah, I forget the rest. Some collectors consider the overlap in character selection between DC Direct & Mattel to be a joke, but I try to look on the bright side – it’s an opportunity to choose the better of

DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Atrocitus Review

Every once in awhile, time just gets away from me. I didn’t realize how long I’d had Atrocitus sitting here when a reader asked me to not skip Atrocitus last week. I was always planning on reviewing him, but somehow he snuck past my sense of urgency.

DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
Collect & Connect Nekron Review

We were running a bit behind on DC Universe Classics Wave 20 reviews throughout last week and, as a result, Nekron sorta fell into the week after. Better late than never, I guess? Nekron is going to be a tough review for me as I don’t particularly

DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
White Lantern Flash Review

I have no idea what I’m going to say in this review. I really enjoyed DC Universe Classics over the years, warts and all. So much so that I’m a bit disenchanted with the prospect of wrapping up my reviews on the original line with a figure

DC Classics.Com Nekron Week!
Sinestro Corps Sinestro Review

If anything lets us know that the line ended, it’s this Sinestro. He’s essentially an apology figure. The original Sinestro figure was famously craptacular and it took Mattel nearly three years to make a corrected version. But that original figure had a variant, leaving one more error

DC Direct Red Lantern
Guy Gardner Review

For this Weekend Spotlight, I’m looking at another 2011 figure that didn’t get their spot in the regular rotation: Red Lantern Guy Gardner from DC Direct. A year ago, many of us would’ve been happy to see a slew of Green Lantern figures. Well, what a difference

MOTU Classics.Com:
DC vs MOTU Zodac Review


This summer was a challenging time for me as a MOTUC collector. The loss of our subscription sent me back to the Monthly Matty Madhouse. The con exclusive Faker had me (successfully) watching TRU.com like a hawk, but another TRU 2pk, Zodac vs Green Lantern, slipped through

Liveblogging: The New 52
DC Comics Micro-Reviews All Day


Today is a rare weekday off and yesterday was my first chance to get to my LCS in a month. That means I’ve just picked up my first DC Comics from “The New 52” and I’ve got all day to read them. Sounds like a good

DCClassics.Com Review:
Collect & Connect Anti-Monitor


For some collectors, DC Universe Classics Wave 17 proved to a bit of a gauntlet. While the six regular figures were all story specific, some appearing for only a panel, & not highly demanded characters, the Collect & Connect was someone many collectors had been waiting

DCClassics.Com Review:
The Flash (Blue Lantern)


Geez, we’re filling up the front page on one day’s worth of articles! As I mentioned earlier, Anti-Monitor week is running a little long, but I’m still plugging away. Tonight, I’ve got a quick review of the last regular figure in DC Universe Classics Wave 17:

DCClassics.Com Review:
Wonder Woman (Star Sapphires)


Anti-Monitor Week rolls along (and is looking at a wee bit of an extension) with a look at this wave’s one female figure (shoulda been two, Mattel!): Star Sapphire Wonder Woman. She’s gonna be a little difficult for me to review, there’s really nothing all that

DCClassics.Com Review:
Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps)


Scarecrow technically hasn’t had a proper DC Universe Classics figure. Sure, there’s the old DC Superheroes figure from long ago (and I do like that one), but this Scarecrow figure makes me realize that we need a new one. Yeah, Sinestro Corps (Yellow Lantern?) Scarecrow is

DCClassics.Com Review:
Lex Luthor (Orange Lantern)


Anti-Monitor Week rolls on with a review of Lex Luthor during his brief stint as an Orange Lantern Deputy. Normally, I wouldn’t be too excited for this particular figure. Two things though: orange is one of my favorite colors. And I love translucent figures. Now, if

DCClassics.Com Review:
The Atom (Indigo Lantern)


Was there a character you’ve been wanting from DC Classics only to be disappointed by the figure? Old Fogey Alan Scott maybe? Uni-boob Starfire? It can be maddening when a figure you wanted doesn’t come out well. Indigo Atom isn’t one of those. No, he’s a

DCClassics.Com Review: Hal
Jordan (White & Black Lanterns)


I found this review particularly difficult to write. Some figures you love right away, some figures make you love them, some figures just fill out the shelf a bit (or came with a critical C&C piece), and some figures you buy only because you maintain a

SDCC 2011 Exclusives:
Official Images from Mattel

Since Attack of the Show’s strangly decided not to focus on the He-Man items last night, it fell back to Mattel to give us our first good look at the 2011 exclusives. They’ve come to our aid early this morning with images and information on the upcoming San Diego Exclusives for MOTU Classics, DC Classics, Voltron, etc.

Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Attack of the Show’s met up with Mattel’s very own Scott Neitlich to find out what they have in store for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and it’s a doozy. The exclusive video is availabe after the jump

DCClassics.Com Review:
Green Lantern Stel (C&C)


Armless Stel Week is reaching its shattering conclusion with… well, a review of Armless Stel! He’s an interesting figure because he’s a mix of greatness and annoyance. I suppose that’s true for most of the line, but with Stel it’s a little more annoying knowing that they made him wrong on purpose.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Red Lanterns Skallox & Nite-Lik


Today is the penultimate entry in Armless Stel Week! Before we get to the big man himself tomorrow, I’m taking a look at the Red Lanterns Skallox & Nite-Lik. I’ve been dreading this review somewhat. See, I lost Skallox’s right hand some time during the month I’ve been waiting on Star Sapphire. Sigh.

DCClassics.Com Review:
G’Hu, B’dg, Dex-Starr, & Despotellis


I’ve been hitting the stores looking for Sapphire, but still no luck! So Armless Stel Week continues towards it’s one-armed conclusion. I’ve mentioned that this wave left me feeling rather dissatisfied and I’m reviewing two big reasons today! Movie Masters G’Hu and the so-called 3pk of B’dg, Dex-Starr, & Despotellis

DCClassics.Com Review:
Nautkeloi & Medphyll


Our second entry in Armless Stel Week is a look at the combo figure Nautkeloi / Medphyll. There’s just one figure in this review, but it includes alternate heads to be either of the two featured Green Lanterns. It’s cool that these two guys have found their way into the line, but I can’t help feeling bored by this lineup.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Green Lantern Sodam Yat


About a month ago, right after Bane Week, I found GL Classics Series II. Star Sapphire was painted like crap, so I left her behind. Over the last month, I’ve waited patiently for a second case to show up. No luck. And I’m tired of these guys clogging up my desk. Thus, Armless Stel Week! And I’ll start with Sodam Yat.

Ask Matty
April 1st Edition


Some non-Horde characters like Rattlor & Tung Lashor make appearances as members of the Horde in various media. Are there plans incorporate their Horde status into the bios or to maybe include extra Horde armbands when they’re eventually released ?

Vault Review: DC Universe
Action League Wave 1


Well, they got me. I was able to resist the Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League figures for two years. But when I saw the first wave of DC Universe Action League figures at my local Wal-Mart, I had to see what they were like.

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Review


Normally, I gobble up DC Classics releases as soon as possible. I like DC and I’ll buy figures of just about anybody. Add that to the fact that I’ve only seen some figures once or twice, and I’ve learned to buy ’em when I see ’em. But this 2pk? I left it at TRU plenty of times. It just didn’t seem worth it.

DC Classics Update: Wave 16 Packaged & Renegade at TRU


On Facebook today, Mattel showed us our first packaged pics of DCUC Wave 16. I was expecting this delayed wave to be in the Super Power packaging (with buttons!), but it now serves as our first look at the 2011 packaging – the nice part? It’s bigger! Plus, some early TRU finds of that exclusive Renegade after all.

Kamandi & Alan Scott Review


Today, I’m stepping in for Noisy to continue our DC Universe Classics Wave 14 reviews. In the spirit of the greatest Brave and the Bold comics, I’ve decided to throw two characters together that you wouldn’t normally see: Alan Scott, Earth’s Golden Age Green Lantern and Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

Ask Matty
November 1st Edition


Will the Wal-Mart 2pks continue beyond Fates Intertwined & Power Struggle or are those the only two currently scheduled?

DCUC Hal Jordan
2-Up Charity Auction

One official, fully painted DC Universe Classics Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 2-up prototype figure is be being auctioned right now to benefit the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA!! One official, fully painted DC Universe Classics Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 2-up prototype figure is be being auctioned right now to benefit the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA!! This is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of DCUC memorabilia! No DC Universe Classics 2-up prototype has EVER been officially released to the public, so that makes this one very special event for a very worthy cause.

DCClassics.Com: Green
Lantern’s Light 5pk Review


My long search for the GL 5pk is finally over. After striking out at Wal-Marts in Oklahoma, Ohio, Arkansas, and Florida, (I promise I wasn’t really looking as hard as that sounds) the rascally thing finally arrived at a Wal-Mart not twelve miles from my house. Toy collecting can be funny like that.

Ask Matty
September 1st Edition


Can you clarify where the line is being drawn for 200x influence? Second heads are out, but 200x weapons, redesigns like Sorceress, and characters like Carnivus & Dactus are still safe? From the outside, this rule appears hard to follow.

ItsAllTrue Review:
DC Direct’s Nekron


Though I took a pass on the Series IV figures, I knew I wasn’t done with DC Direct’s Blackest Night line. I’ve been tempted, but steered clear of picking up a Black Lantern JLA. I’m sticking to the oversized aliens not likely to get DCUC love. Nekron offers some flexibility with his size and I’ve opted to pick up DCD’s version.

DCClassics.Com Retro
Review: Wave 3 – Solomon Grundy


As we work to make DCClassics.Com a complete review archive, we occasionally have to turn back the clock and review figures that were released before IAT was founded. This week, we’re taking a look at the third wave of DC Classics, the Solomon Grundy wave. I pieced

TRU Exclusive Hal Jordan


Back in February, IAT broke the story on the Toys R Us Exclusive Batman that had magically reached retail shelves before collectors knew it existed and it was in our April 15th Q&A that Mattel let us know the TRU program would continue with new versions

Ask Matty - February 1st Edition

Ask MattyFebruary 1st, 2010

Mr. Rant likes his Green Lantern figures big.

Toy Guru recently announced his promotion to brand manager of the action figure line based on the upcoming Green Lantern movie. First, congratulations. Second, there’s an issue I wanted to address before it’s too late.

Mattel, Toy Guru, I want you to stop doing 5 inch Movie

Ask Matty - January 15th Edition

Ask MattyJanuary 15th, 2010

ItsAllTrueReview: Green Lantern Villains - Shark & Cyborg Superman

ItsAllTrueReview: DCUC11 Green Lanterns: Kilowog, John Stewart, & Katma Tui

ItsAllTrueReview: DC Direct Kryb & Indigo

Today we have a Blackest Night double feature! Last week, DC Direct released the second wave of Blackest Night figures hot on the heels of Mattel’s release of the DC Classics Color of Fear two-pack. In this review, we’ll take a look at Kryb and Indigo from DC Direct

ItsAllTrueReview: DC
Classics Color of Fear 2pk

Our Blackest Night Double Feature continues with a review the newest DC Classics 2-pack from Mattel, the Color of Fear.

We’ve talked about lead time before and how for most licensees, they have difficulty getting product to market that is well-timed with the events happening in the comics. The Color

ItsAllTrueReview: DC Direct's Atrocitus & Saint Walker

One of the difficult realities of the toy world is lead time. If a toy company sees a property that has potential, they can’t really strike when the iron is hot. The production process is simply too complicated and drawn out between conception and retail. By the time the product

Mr. Rant may not live to see the end of “Blackest Night”

The recent news from DC editorial is that Blackest Night will never end. I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but apparently this January, the main horde of Blackest Night books and their tie-ins will be taking a break. You know, because they’ve been working

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