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Earths Saint Walker Review

Two St. Walker’s walk into a bar… ah, I forget the rest. Some collectors consider the overlap in character selection between DC Direct & Mattel to be a joke, but I try to look on the bright side - it's an opportunity to choose the better of two figures. Too bad neither company makes that choice easy.

DCClassics.Com Review:
The Flash (Blue Lantern)

Geez, we're filling up the front page on one day's worth of articles! As I mentioned earlier, Anti-Monitor week is running a little long, but I'm still plugging away. Tonight, I've got a quick review of the last regular figure in DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Blue Lantern Flash. Yeah, he's mostly a repaint, but I like him.

ItsAllTrueReview: Atrocitus & Saint Walker

One of the difficult realities of the toy world is lead time. If a toy company sees a property that has potential, they can't really strike when the iron is hot. The production process is simply too complicated and drawn out between conception and retail. By the time the product reaches stores, that potential may be nothing more than a lump of hard coal. So toy companies do what they can to mitigate lead time, and DC Direct is one company that has a unique advantage - they are part of DC Comics and can release action figures during the comic events the toys are appearing in. This time, DC Direct has released the first wave of Blackest Night figures right in the middle of the crossover of the same name. These aren't just action figures, they're little plastic tie-ins.