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Infinite Earths Larfleeze Review

Alright, I’m still getting back in the groove here, so you might forgive any typos or grammatical errors today (this means you, Brainlock 😀 ). Well, it might be that I’m exhausted or it could just be I’m tired of doing Rainbow Lantern reviews? I’m thinking even Larfleeze wants to be the last one.

Larfleeze is the sole ringbearer for the Orange light of Avarice in the Johnsified GL mythos. He’s basically greed personified; sometimes dangerous, sometimes funny. Now, don’t be frightened dear readers, but Larfleeze is over five years old, first appearing at the end of 2007. That blows my mind. I guess time flies when you’re reading one giant-ass, event-filled, Green Lantern mega-arc that never ends. I kid, I kid.

But yeah, Larfleeze is into his sixth year of publication and has already scored two figures. And, actually, I’m okay with that. He’s one of those characters that, for many, just shot up pretty high on the most wanted figure list despite being a new character. I can’t always tell if I like him better as a serious threat, a joke character, or even a character that I want to see redeemed. He’s had great stories in each of those areas. I guess if I had to pick, I’d like to see him move a bit back into the serious threat territory, but I think he fits well as any or all of the three when the stories call for it.

The only thing I don’t like about Larfleeze is the inconsistency between his appearances. I don’t want to call comic artists lazy, but they’re either lazy or just too high on themselves to stick with a character’s given look. This is true for plenty of comic book aliens, but Larfleeze has had some pretty drastic changes to his look over the years. So much so that, I would say both the DC Direct & Mattel versions are on-model even though they don’t appear to be the same character.

It’s been a few years since I read the original Orange Lantern stories, but I think the Mattel version may more accurately represent his original look as drawn by Ethan Van Sciver while DC Direct more closely followed the later Philip Tan version. I think they’re both great head sculpts, but I have to lean more towards the DC Direct version on sculpt. That figure’s head has much more personality even though the 4H version is well-executed.

Below the neck, Larfleeze is a big mish-mash of parts. I don’t have them unpacked, but he looks to draw from Black Lantern Abin Sur & Sinsestro for most of the pieces. He does sport new unique hands, a torso, and upper arms. The new pieces are all fine and do a great job of giving Larfleeze a great look with a shortened torso and extended limbs, long & lithe as seen in the comics. Thankfully the arms here are not as long as the DC Direct version, but there is still a slight annoyance with those biceps. Continue to Page 2…

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Infinite Earths Larfleeze Review

  1. Man Mattel the bicep swivel would allow the best pose for Larfleeze. Well that killed my pose idea for him. Clutching the lantern, squating and trying to hide it from the other lanterns on my Lantern shelf. onlybthing missing I see is a Glomulus (sp?) He woulda been a nice bonus.

    Indigo still want but never saw a Lantern except the large power battery in the nu52. Speaking of, yours can stand on her own. I had her slung over Atom’s shoulder cause mine kept falling over. Was a cool action shot butbshe got heavy and just put her in my sale pile with DCD Saint Walker.

  2. I couldn’t get Larfleeze to clutch his lantern the way I really wanted, because Matty got cheap on the bicep swivel. Don’t know why. So I have him with his back turned to the other Lantern members holding his lantern to his chest, best as possible.

    The Indigo tribe members lanterns are their staffs. I have an uneasy feeling when it comes time to do the female Indigo leader that Matty will not do them, “to cut down on production cost, blah, blah, blah” all done just to drive another nail into my collecting heart.

    You probably haven’t done the Blue and Yellow Lantern 2 pack because then you have to photograph them for the collecting guide. And if you do that, you might as well take the other missing pictures, etc, etc. I’m only trying to nudge you in that direction Noisy because I use it all the time for reference. 🙂

  3. It’s really tough to decide which one I like better, the DCD or the Matty version. I think I still have to stick with the DCD version. I like the head sculpt and I like the extra long arms. They make him look more alien….which I think is lacking in the Matty lines across the board. (more diverse body types)

    I’m a fan of the handleless lantern. I like the idea that it dosent need a handle because he holds it so close to his chest, you cant even wedge a finger in there to try and pry it away. Handles aside….why do you want all the lantens to match Noisy? I would figured you for a guy that would want them to all be different as they were originally shown in those early glimpses. I like the idea of them all looking different yet still retain some design elements that make them slightly uniform. I know its extra sculpting money, but I’d like to have them all different

    now that we’re really close to having all the heads of the Corps represented…whats everybodies feelings on a Matty figure of The First Lantern? haha

    1. Sure. They can do a clear figure with a white energy design printed on top. Then make it a secret hidden figure on the Matty website you can only find a certain times. (rolls eyes)

  4. I may be in the minority but I dont have a problem with Lantern figures as long as they are new characters and not repaints of existing Hal Jordans. I will be disappointed if I dont eventually get a Soranik Natu. Also I am ok with there being at least six months between Lantern figures. I get more riled up about Batman family figures in the sub taking up valuable space when they can easily go to retail.

  5. otay, just fer that, I’m not correcting any of MY tupos! seriosuly. ;p

    While Larfleeze does take advantage fo the added sculpting costs allowed by his initial retail staus, that face is NOT doing any favors for thim! cuz DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYUM boyyyeeeeeeee! He does look good, otherwie.

    the proper Orange Lantern was shown withOUT having a handle, so Lex should really get this handled one, and Larfleeze the one without.

    As for the others (which others commentated on):
    -Indigo had their staffs, which Indigo Atom already came with, so the mold is there.
    -I’m nt sure if
    i want Indigo-1, who would require a new: Head, forearms(?), and loincloth piece.
    -black and white lanterns I think only came with the DCD Lanterns? so either take some paint to existing Lanterns or do without. (easy if you have a swath of extra Lanterns form the GL 5pk) seriosuly, how did GLC Black Lantern NOT come with a Lantern? ok, there was really only one, and that was Nekron’s staff, but still!

    btw, that Lex reminds me I really need to headswwap his onto Black Mask for a “proper Lex.” …and maybe get an atomic Skull outof it, too?

    (all these redlines…..spellingOCD going tilt!!!!gnyahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. um, if you make those customs happen, i expect lots of pics… that sounds like a fine pair of ideas!!

      i get why noisy wants all the lanterns to have handles, cuz in the really real world, the action figure can’t suspend the piece of plastic in mid-air by quasi-magic, they would have to hold the lanterns. now that said, as i recall more than one of the matty lanterns don’t have open hands, so they couldn’t hold it either way. am i wrong there? maybe it’s a uniformity of aesthetic thing, noisy is kinda OCD that way.

    2. I would like to see an Indigo-1 as well, BUT Matty wont spring for the new parts. I’d rather stick with my DCD if thats the case. In the comics, she’s on the tall side and very thin and willowy. Every part of her is long. Her neck, arms and legs. Her torso is also long and thin. To me, that would require a completely new sculpt. You know as well as I do that Matty will give us that same tired and busted female buck

      1. the DCD was rushed into production before the artists found her “groove” like with any new character, when they’re still toying with slight tweaks. Then there are situations like with Larfleeze, Kyle’s crabmask, and even Kilowog where every artist draws them differently. I seem to recall Joe Staton drawing ‘Wog with bone-thin biceps and Popeye forearms back when the (ONLY!) GL title became GL Corps post #200.

  6. The lack of bicep swivels is unfortunate. It seems like it could have been a simple cut, or something like what green Steppenwolf had. Oh well, the wrists at least allow him to do a good one-armed clutch.

    I’m with Brainlock: Lex immediately got the handled lantern and Larfleeze go the handleless one.

    Before I had this guy in hand I was worried about the oranges not matching. Luckily that seems like something that shows up way more on camera and is not very obvious in person.

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