May Review Round-Up
(May 1st-15th) 151 Links!

Two weeks again? Already? I’ve been to & from Florida, made two trips to Kansas City, and hit up Mizzou for my brother’s graduation… and boy are my arms tired. Geez! But enough about me, I’ve got plenty of links from the last two weeks! Not as many from IAT as I’d like, but plenty to go round!

This Review Round-Up is pretty par for the course as things go. I might need to seek out a few more Star Wars sites to make up for the huge hole left behind by Figure of the Day, but a few Star Wars reviews are still on the list. Iron Man 3 toys make a huge splash this week joining G.I. Joe as the heavy hitters this week. NECA figures are seemingly making a case to get their own section – they’ve got so many great toys out there and the various reviews reflect that. I need to get in on NECAfest myself – I’ve got enough of them lately to fill two theme weeks! Finally, I’m going to give my favorite shout out this week to She’s Fantastic. You’ll find that site heavily featured in the Trek section for their retroviews on the women of DST’s Trek line. That was a fun trip down (recent) memory lane and made me wish there was a He’s Fantastic companion site for all the great Y-chromosome TNG toys!

This round-up covers the first half of May 2013 and includes 15` links reviews from twenty-eight different sites! Reviews are categorized by major brands, independent releases such as Onell or Spy Monkey are listed under the same “7th Market” heading we use for our own reviews, and smaller brands are grouped together under Miscellaneous. As always, offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT or its staff.

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Masters of the Universe



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Transformers Unlicensed


Do you know of (or run) a toy site that you think I’d enjoy? Let me know!



16 thoughts on “May Review Round-Up
(May 1st-15th) 151 Links!

  1. “You’ll find that site heavily featured in the Trek section for their retroviews on the women of DST’s Trek line. That was a fun trip down (recent) memory lane and made me wish there was a He’s Fantastic companion site for all the great Y-chromosome TNG toys!”

    there is… it’s called every other star trek site on the web. 😉

    1. Funny, but sadly not true. I’ve often thought about putting together a static site for TNG’s Playmates line so it can get some proper love!

      1. you mean it’s not true that 99% of the toy websites extant today are focused on y chromosome toys? man, you have to show me the other sites then, cuz boy, i’m done some searching and i don’t find too many devoted to just females. 😉

      2. I hear you Noisy! The Ladies of Trek reviews at that site made me long to see all the guys get the same treatment.

        Maybe you need to go a TNG Checklist?? Hint, Hint! 😉

  2. Injustice Grundy looks more like DC’s take on Frankenstein, imo.

    MOS-MM JoRuss-El and Sheen Zod are okay. I managed to get first crack at them at my lone store that carries the MM line, and am hoping to get another pair for some head swappage. Kal I can wait until they go on clearance (each case mix looks to have 5x Kal according to BBTS?), and luckily that store is down to two after only two weeks. I’m hoping they order more soon. I can’t even find them online, besides BBTS, and I do NOT want 5 Kals!
    This is NOT boding well for future waves, esp with Faora being held until w4!

    Speaking of VHTF lines, IM3.2 is an immediate sell-out online, and stores here are still choked on 3.1 cases. I’ve already seen Ultron going for $130!
    (then again, I did sell my MU Secret Wars Ultron/Reed 2pk on ebay fairly quickly! my MU Monger is ready to be listed!)

    Elisa Maza! LOL I think I might still have her and the Gargoyles stashed somewhere in the basement? and to think she was once thought of as “one of the better female figures”, then he puts her up against more recent figures and…ouch!
    (seriously, we need a GARGOYLES revival line next!)

    Lt Ogawa – wow, was this a misfire. almost geisha white head and wrong/too tall body are especially notable with the included actress pics and figure line-ups! I think the only DST Trek figure I had was Archer because he came with a Bridge section, and a few 6″ First Contact figs from Playmates, but that was it for 6″ Trek. Ogawa would have been a nice addition, but I’m not even sure if I have those, anymore?

    Hit-monkey – ….sigh….
    I think my only complaint here is the reminder that he comes with the “variants” in the wave, when we have yet to see the previous wave’s variants! RIP Dani Moonstar!
    is Hasbro still doing Q&As? (apparently Matty is?) can we ask Hasbro about this? will we see another “rush” wave comprised of the “missing variants”? and I say this as the next wave of Wrecker, Jean, Kaine-Spidey, and Bulls/Hawkeye flash by in the BBTS banner below. (esp when Wrecker’s “variant” is the final member of his Crew!)

    on the bright side, I did see FOC Sideswipe and Springer & Blitzwing today. I passed on them, mostly because I never had the originals, and partly I did pick up the deluxe Tankor (renamed?) from a few years back, and …spent about a half-hour with him, and stuck him back in the blister, where he’s sat ever since. I had same problem Preternia did with Springer, in that I could not get him to transform into any mode fully. I had the same problem with the recent Grimlock (tail would not sit even/clean) and I wound up trying to ebay him before taking him back to the store.

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