Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Snake Face

Time to get another Masters of the Universe Classics figure out of the way and today I’m going with Snake Face.  I only had a few Snake Men as a kid, and SF wasn’t one of them.  But like so many other MOTU characters, he’s become interesting to me over time.

Snake Face is kind of the oddball of the Snake Men.  I thought it was strange that he looked more humanoid than the rest of his brethren who looked more like snakes with arms and legs.  You’d think this would make him a bit shunned among his people, but as far as I know that really hasn’t come up as a story element.  Maybe that’s why he was only a drill instructor until he gained his powers.

On a personal note, I’ve always felt his powers were weird.  A snake monster turning people to stone isn’t really anything new, but between my love of mythology and Castlevania I’ve come to expect this kind of power from a female.  But I guess Snake Face is a trailblazer, breaking gender barriers in the serpent community since 1987.

I was interested to see how the 4H would update Snake Face’s unique look, and I have to say that I’m not disappointed.  Aside from two new heads, which I’ll get into in a minute, SF also has new shoulders, biceps, forearms, armor, and shorts.  I’m particularly happy with the arms.  The large ridges look fantastic and I can’t wait to see them show up in future figures.    The forearms are also pretty cool with a coiled snake wrapped around each one.

I imagine we’ll also see his shorts show up on a few characters in the future.  They have sculpted scales all around and are topped off by a fairly generic belt.  His chest armor is entirely unique to the character though, and was made to serve as part of his inaction feature.  The design is more leather than metal and looks like it has many layers.  The two front straps are designed to be removed and replaced with two red snakes that plug in.

Snake Face comes with two heads: one normal and the other using his powers to turn people to stone. Until I got this figure I never realized just how similar his helmet was to Man-At-Arms, only with way more snakes and a ponytail of snake hair hanging off the back..  His normal head has huge bugging eyes and an open mouth that shows off his fangs.  I do wish his mouth was only partially open.  As is, he looks really surprised at everything.  Continue to page 2…

16 thoughts on “Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Snake Face

  1. This dude is easily the creepiest character in the entire Masters of the Universe line. I don’t think I could’ve picked up the vintage figure as a kid. It would have freaked me out for sure.

    The 4H really outdid themselves sculpting the modern version. The detail and colors are top notch. The new parts are sure to look good on any future offerings. Excellent work on the pics as always, Vault.

  2. Well its true not a fig I had as a kid. Dunno if was slowly getting done with the fandom back then or maybe he freaked my folks out. My main stint with Snake-face was in 200x and he spent a majority as a stone statue. (Variant idea)

    Will be looking for him. Just have to be ready for shocking prices this year on the secondary market.

  3. Mine is still in the box. Waiting for this months subscription figure to get my MOTUC on with both of them.
    Great review. I do like the paint apps and scaled skin. Whiplash/Buzzoff’s legs would have been nice, but overall this figure looks great.

    1. that’s exactly what i was thinking, given whiplash’s legs and hordak’s feet, this dude would be completely killer. instead, he looks like a pro wrestler.

  4. Cool looking dude.
    I do kinda wish the vest didn’t have that snake, so it could be used for other characters or another Weapons Pak. I do have to agree having the snake legs would have helped this guy even more.

    LOL at the Office Space joke. I’m surprised you didn’t use the “scared” face to make a joke with Webster (“EEK! Spider!”) or something.

    1. oh, and I just heard. RIP Ray Harryhausen, Master of Stop Motion. 🙁
      I’m sure his influence could be felt on this line, esp for a Medusa-esque character like this one.

      1. The man was a legend, so much of the things we love today have been inspired by Ray’s work…the world would be a very different place if not for him. This is the saddest I have been for any the recent wave of celebrity deaths. On the plus side he lived a long full life, and there are legions of people who remember him and his work fondly.

  5. Great review and pics as usual, and excellent comic panels!

    This is a great update of the original (which I actually had)*. My only beef with this MOTUC version is that I think his torso-snakes (settle down, DR) would’ve looked better in their original green-and-black motif. I also agree with the assertion that Whiplash thighs and Hordak feet would’ve made for an even better update on this version. Also a more station-based shield design, which ruled.

    * The original looked kind of like a bloated, no-necked corpse with ludicrously stumpy legs. What was good about the original: More writhy snakes on the helmet, the aforementioned green-and-black torso snakes, and a shield with a handle that could be held instead of these wretched paint-scraping clips we keep getting these days. Also, R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen, who I’m convinced was not only the inspiration for this figure (Clash of the Titans Medusa), but also the Shadow Beasts (the illegitimate PUMAT of his Giant Ymir, Horned Cyclops, and Mighty Joe Young).

  6. Snake Face was the only Snake Man I didn’t have as a kid because my mom pointblank refused to buy him for being too gross.

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