Vault Review: Pokemon
D-Arts Charizard

I received my second D-Arts Pokemon figure last week and I have very mixed feelings about it.  While I wouldn’t call Charizard a bad figure, I really feel like they could have done a better job.  So let’s take a look at the good and bad of Charizard.

I never really felt like the various creatures in the Pokemon series were given much of a personality in the original games.  That’s why most of my affinity for the characters comes from the anime.  Charmander and Charmeleon were at best annoying and at worst incompetent, especially when compared to the impish Squirtle or the headstrong Bulbasaur.  But Charizard was entirely different with his dickish attitude, bringing an interesting level of strife to the series for Ash.

Sculpt wise, Charizard looks fantastic most of the time.  Like Mewtwo, the figure feels like it just stepped out of the game or anime with its extremely simplified cartoon-like look.  But that doesn’t mean they skimped on the details.  Little details like his heavy horned brow, nostrils, and even pad-like markings on the bottom of his feet help to add a bit of realism to his design.

My biggest issue with the sculpt has to be his height.  Standing straight up he’s less than five inches tall.  He seems even more miniscule when standing next to Mewtwo, who’s almost a head taller.  I wouldn’t want Charizard to be Monsterarts King Ghidorah tall, but I do think his height should be a little imposing to other Pokemon.

Probably my favorite aspect has to be the flame at the tip of his tail.  This thick piece of translucent plastic has been molded yellow and given red highlights to add depth.  The piece looks fantastic and makes me want a slew of fire effects parts like this for my other figures.

Charizard’s paint job is also very sleek and cartoony with its bright orange and yellow colors.  But if you look closely there is some very subtle dark orange airbrushing around his muscles and raised bone structure.  The airbrushing is even more evident on the blue parts of his wings where you can see the lighter colors in the center.  Continue to page 2…

16 thoughts on “Vault Review: Pokemon
D-Arts Charizard

  1. The Scaling Technically isnt off by much. Mewtwos a whole Foot Taller than Charizard.
    That is a real beautiful figure, Ima have to look into getting one.

    1. It always seemed like he was huge on the anime, but I guess they’re not too out of scale with each other.

      1. The Anime’s never been accurate in scaling when compared to the stats in the Pokedex. I remember one episode where there was a HUGE Blastoise, much bigger than Charizard even though Charizard is a head taller than Blastoise according to the Dex. Figure the animators wanted to make them appear more like Monsters while the games were going for Animals.

          1. Or that absolutely GIANT Dragonite that showed up at Bill’s lighthouse.

            1. Don’t forget how tiny Noctowls were in the anime when in actuality they’re probably big enough to carry off Ash and eat him. And that goes for all Noctowls, not just Ash’s. The “regular” sized ones were still very undersized. Then were was Roselia. That thing’s supposed to be super tiny but the anime typically made it between 3-4 feet tall.

  2. According to the games, Charizard is 5′ 7″, and Mewtwo is 6′ 7″, so they kind of are to scale.

      1. Roughly G.I. Joe sized, I would think. He’s (perpetually) ten years old, so a 4″ figure would make him shorter than Charizard and Mewtwo (in “Mewtwo Strikes Back”, when Ash charges Mewtwo, he’s shown to be about as tall as Mewtwo’s “chestplate”.)

      2. But I agree with what you mean about the articulation. It’s like, the joints are there, but there’s not much you can do with them.

        Venusaur has always been one of my favorite Pokemon and I can’t wait for his release, but yeah–even though his legs are articulated…there’s kinda no point.

      3. I’d really hope they’d make Red over Ash. Never been crazy about Ash’s more recent outfits. Plus, Red would work better for a SSB display since he’s partnered with Zard in Brawl.

  3. What is that flight stand you’re using at the end there? I’ve seen that in a few places but haven’t been able to find it.

  4. wait, so Charizard + Mewtwo = Lockheed?

    that’s all I could think of looking at the pics, how he would look in purple as Kitty’s buddy and secret agent of SWORD!

  5. “But I’m not a Pokemon completist”

    So, that means…you feel no need… you just don’t…GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL?


    *snif* sorry. Had to be done. 🙂

    Sadly, I’ve found myself embarking on the road of shame that is Japanese figure collecting, quite by accident. Now, instead of sitting back smugly during these reviews I beat my chest that Figurarts Kamen Rider Black is OOP, I debate over pulling the trigger on the pre-order of Figurarts Sailor Moon and I scream in outrage over the instantly gone and now way overpriced Figma Cobra (the space pirate, not that other guy with the hood and the speech problem).

    Thanks, thanks a LOT Vault. 🙂

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