Vault Review: Revoltech Metal
Gear Solid, Naked Snake

Metal Gear is one of those brands that never get the right kind of toy love.  There were statuesque McFarlanes back in the day, expensive Hot Toys & Play Arts Kai figs that don’t fit in with my other figures.  But Kaiyodo has finally made one that fits in with my collection!

First things first, this isn’t Solid Snake.  This figure is Naked Snake from the MGS Peace Walker video game.  I’m pretty happy with this because I actually like Naked Snake more than Solid (gasp!).  My favorite game so far has been MGS3: Snake Eater, and I really enjoy seeing the exploits that turned Naked Snake into Big Boss.

I think the sculpt on this figure is pretty good, but you definitely have to take a few things into consideration.  The art for the Metal Gear games, done by Yoji Shinkawa has always been very stylized.  While I love it, and actually think it fits the series quite well, it’s definitely hard to translate it into a realistic 3D model, like a toy.

The second thing you have to keep in mind is that this figure was sculpted by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, who also brings a very stylistic look to the figures he sculpts.  Sometimes this style can look fantastic, like on the Vash the Stampede figure.  Other times it just looks like a mess of wrinkles and strange proportions, like on Wolfwood.

Snake definitely suffers from a few of these strange proportions, but all around he’s definitely still recognizable.  Of course the sneaking suit helps a lot also.  All the small details like straps, seams, and even armor bulges make the figure look like he just stepped out of the game.  I also love the added canteen and pouches around his waist and upper legs.

Like the body, Snake’s head sculpt is also a bit stylized.  But again, with features like the bandana, eye patch, scraggly beard and mullet, he’s definitely recognizable as Snake.  One thing about the headsculpt that really blew my mind was that his eye is articulated.  You have to take his face plate off to get to the tiny little knob to move it around or even take it out.  This adds a ton more personality to a figure that only has one expression and one eye.  Continue to page 2…

18 thoughts on “Vault Review: Revoltech Metal
Gear Solid, Naked Snake

  1. I missed out on this, but if they make Solid and Liquid, screw MOTU, I want MGS

  2. I’ll always prefer Solid over Naked, but that’s because I just could not get into MGS3. I think it was the fixed camera, but I’ve been told that was fixed in the re-release of it. I just don’t feel like playing those kinds of espionage games anymore. Thusly, I’ll be there buying a Snake from MGS if they ever make him.

    1. The fixed camera bothered me at first, but I eventually got used to it. It added a new level of difficulty to the game, which is one of the things I eventually really enjoyed.

    1. I agree with you, tried playing one in the psp, but didn’t understand it…. however, that figure just kicks ass!

      Love the photos with the figmas! I really like those.

  3. Awesome figure. Those accessories are brilliant. I love imports.

    Come on, conversion rate, keep working your sweet magic.

  4. I had a couple of the McF figures, but this one looks…mashed?
    face looks like those watercolor-wannabe-manga comics, not sure what’s up with the shoulder…balls? (oh my!) and the thick thighs tapering down to tiny feet SCREAMS Liefeld! Whether that’s good or bad, I expect to see several Cable customs using this body soon.

    the plethora of accessories just blows the American toys out of the water, save for some recent GI Joes. had to LOL at the ! and ? bits!

    also, courtesy of Chris Tallman:
    the Player One(s) crew do Metal Gear.

    1. Yeah, the combination of styles is really jarring from certain angles. But other angles look really fantastic. He just needs to be posed wisely. The one thing I do wish they’d perfect is the ability to hide the joints. Those larger revolver joints can look particularly bad when exposed.

  5. The grey accessories boxes are all grey now, they stopped using orange a while ago, it’s not something special for Metal Gear

    1. Ah, cool. Thanks, Vito!

      Guess that shows how long it’s been since I’ve ordered a regular Revoltech.

  6. Wonderful pictures with this one. I loved the Pikachu one and the Link one…and the one where Naked Snake is sleeping…and the one with him peeking out from under the boxes…gah! I love them all. The combination of your creativity and the ridiculous amount of accessories really made this a fun review. I’m blown away by the eye articulation. That’s amazing!

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