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Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Gundari Myoo


Vault Review: Revoltech Takeya
#13, Juichi Kamen Kannon


Vault Review: Revoltech Metal
Gear Solid, Naked Snake


Metal Gear is one of those brands that never get the right kind of toy love. There were statuesque McFarlanes back in the day, expensive Hot Toys & Play Arts Kai figs that don’t fit in with my other figures. But Kaiyodo has

Wonder Festival Winter 2013
(Updated February 18th!)


While we were gawking at all the news from Toy Fair, Japan was in the midst of hosting Winter Wonder Festival. Luckily for us at IAT, Robert Baldwin braved the cold temperatures and large crowds to bring us the latest news from our

Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Fujin & Raijin


It’s been a while since I’ve done a semi-obscure import review, and with Wonder Fest coming up soon I thought I’d take a look at a couple of figures I picked up last month. Rounding up my Revoltech Takeya collection are two characters that depart from

Wonder Festival
Summer 2012 (Part 3)


Today’s our last day of WonderFest coverage. The big companies are out of the way, and now the spot light is on all the talented individuals who create their own amazing toys, garage kits, figure add-ons, and accessories. You’ll find a bit of everything

Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Part 5, Jikokuten


I’m getting back into some of the non-Transformers imports today and finishing up the last (so far) character in Takeya Takayuki’s Buddhist Statue Collection. Like the Buddhist figures before him, Jikokuten is an impressive specimen of how detailed paint/sculpting can be on a smaller

Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya #003, Ashura


I just received my third Revoltech Takeya figure earlier this week, just in time to make my first review. Ashura is one of those rare figures I’ve been looking forward to for a while, but wasn’t quite sure what to think after I

Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya #002, Komokuten


My second Buddhist figure arrived a couple weeks ago, and my third is already on its way. So I thought I’d get this review done before he shows up. (Sorry Gokai Silver. Maybe next week.) Today we’re taking a look at Takeya Takayuki’s

Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Part 1, Tamonten


One of the more interesting toy lines to come along in a while is Revoltech’s new Buddhist Statue Collection, sculpted by Takeya Takayuki. Going against the core teachings of Buddha himself, I never knew how cool the toy of a Buddhist god could

Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 3)


If Tuesday was the appetizer, and Wednesday was the main course, then today’s update must be the dessert! With the bigger companies out of the way, we’re wrapping up with a look at the miscellaneous odds and ends of the convention. So settle

Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 1)


While we were anxiously awaiting news from New York Toy Fair, Japan was celebrating the modern action figure with Winter Wonder Festival 2012. Over the next two days we’ll be updating with coverage, Q&A, and a ton of great pictures from the show.

Vault Review: Revoltech #114
Alucard from Hellsing


There was plenty to look forward to, but it’s back to business as usual after our exciting Toy Fair weekend. I’m kicking off this week’s reviews with a figure I just got in the mail, Revoltech Yamaguchi’s Alucard from Hellsing. ONE TWO THREE

Vault Review: Revoltech’s Pixar Figure Collection #02, WALL-E


At the end of last year Revoltech introduced a spinoff line from their Sci-Fi series based only on Pixar characters. Naturally I had to pick up the main character from my favorite Pixar movie, WALL-E. Unfortunately the results were a bit disappointing.

2011 Retrospective:
Our Five Favorite Figures

This week, Vault & I will be looking back at the figures of 2011, what we enjoyed, and what we didn’t. Today, we’re kicking things off with a simple top ten. Vault and I have split the duties, each crafting a list of our five favorite

Vault Review: The Lost World’s
T-Rex (Sci-Fi Revoltech #29)


I loved dinosaurs as a kid, but I can’t remember the last time I bought a dinosaur. That is, until recently. With the new Imaginext Dino-Riders, it seems like I’m picking up a toy dino every week. And now Revoltech’s adding to my current collection with

Wonder Festival
Summer 2011 – UPDATE!


While most of us were focused on SDCC last weekend, the Japanese toy industry was celebrating their own show-and-tell shindig at Summer Wonder Festival 2011. Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, was there to capture the latest and greatest from Kaiyodo, The Good Smile Co., and

Vault Review: Gigan
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #023)


I was really looking forward to the twenty-third figure in the Sci-Fi Revoltech line. Not only is Gigan one of Godzilla’s main enemies, but he’s a fairly prominent kaiju. Surely his solicitation signified that the Sci-Fi line was moving on to the more prominent and popular members of the Godzilla-verse, right?

Wonder Festival Winter 2011
Questions & Answers

Just before Winter Wonder Festival 2011, we put out an open call for questions to ask the various companies that attended the show. Our own Robert Baldwin caught up with many of the company representatives and got a few interesting answers and some big news concerning the future of the Sci-Fi Revoltech line.

Wonder Festival Winter 2011
*UPDATE* New Pics Added

Over the weekend IAT’s very own Robert Baldwin (a.k.a. Dorkey, on our forums) was kind enough to brave the cold weather and long lines to bring us coverage of the newest and coolest toys that will be coming out of Japan this year. So check out part 1 of our Winter Wonder Fest galleries, with more to come later this week.

Vault Review: Skeleton Army
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #020)


I was surprised when Kaiyodo announced number twenty in their Sci-Fi Revoltech line was going to be a skeleton warrior from the film Jason and the Argonauts. The works of Ray Harryhausen are perfect for this line, and there’s no better figure to illustrate this point than the reanimated skeleton warrior.

Vault Review: Anguirus
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #021)


Number nineteen in Revoltech’s Sci-Fi line is Toho’s second giant monster, Anguirus. A loyal friend to Godzilla with a tenacious fighting style, Anguirus has become one of the most loved kaiju among fans. Plus, I’m also hoping that between his and Rodan’s inclusion in the line, Godzilla can’t be too far behind.

Vault Review: Rodan
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #019)


So, did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? Raise your hand if you asked for peace on earth, but settled for toys! It’s up to me to kick off IAT’s first review of the new year and nothing says Happy New Year better than a giant radioactive pteranodon. You guessed it, Sci-Fi Revoltech #19: Rodan

Vault Review: Type 66 Maser Cannon (Sci-Fi Revoltech #015)


Taking a break from the giant monsters this time out, Revoltech has released the Type 66 Maser Cannon as its fifteenth “figure” in the Sci-Fi line. Godzilla fans will recognize this classic laser shooting satellite dish as one of Japan’s weapons against the monsters, but how does it stack up against this line

Vault Review: Nicholas D.
Wolfwood (Revoltech #092)


With the upcoming movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble, what better time to make a few figures from this space western anime series? Last week I reviewed Revoltech’s Vash the Stampede. This week I’m taking a look at the other half of the first series: Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Vault Review: Vash the
Stampede (Revoltech #091)


With the upcoming release of the new Trigun movie: Badlands Rumble, it’s no surprise that a new set of figures were also in the works. What did surprise me, or should I say delight, is that these figures are being made by the Revoltech Company. But how does this new Vash the Stampede stack up against previous versions?

AdventureVault Review: Professor Layton

“A hidden treasure. A murder. And a village full of secrets. Pit your wits against the puzzles of St. Mystere. Can you crack the case?” These are the words that the trailer for Professor Layton and the Curious Village tempted me with. A puzzle