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Winter Wonderfest 2013
Miscellaneous Vendors


We’re finishing off our Winter Wonder Fest 2013 coverage with my favorite part of the show. Sure it’s great seeing what new toys to expect from the big companies, but I really enjoy discovering what the incredibly talented individual artists have been working

Wonder Festival Winter 2013
(Updated February 18th!)


While we were gawking at all the news from Toy Fair, Japan was in the midst of hosting Winter Wonder Festival. Luckily for us at IAT, Robert Baldwin braved the cold temperatures and large crowds to bring us the latest news from our

Wonder Festival
Summer 2012 (Part 3)


Today’s our last day of WonderFest coverage. The big companies are out of the way, and now the spot light is on all the talented individuals who create their own amazing toys, garage kits, figure add-ons, and accessories. You’ll find a bit of everything

Wonder Festival
Summer 2012 (Part 2)


It’s Day Two of our 2012 Summer Wonder Fest coverage! Today we’ll be featuring images from companies like Kotobukiya, Alter, Griffon, Medicos, and more! And perhaps even more exciting is that Robert has some answers to reader suggested questions posted on the forum!

Wonder Festival
Summer 2012 (Part 1)


As we were enjoying the afterglow/aftermath of SDCC 2012 a couple weeks ago, another important toy event was taking place half way around the world. Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, was there gathering the latest news, pictures, and even a few rumors from WonderFest!

Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 3)


If Tuesday was the appetizer, and Wednesday was the main course, then today’s update must be the dessert! With the bigger companies out of the way, we’re wrapping up with a look at the miscellaneous odds and ends of the convention. So settle

Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 2)


Part two of our Winter Wonder Festival coverage is up and chock-full of great pictures. In fact, we have so many pictures that we’re extending our rundown of the event one more day. Kaiyodo is our big focus of today’s article and their

Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 1)


While we were anxiously awaiting news from New York Toy Fair, Japan was celebrating the modern action figure with Winter Wonder Festival 2012. Over the next two days we’ll be updating with coverage, Q&A, and a ton of great pictures from the show.

Vault Review: Figma’s Aegis,
Heavy Arms Ver. (EX #008)


As with the Cheerful Japan Miku, the Good Smile Company took another bold step forward and offered last summer’s Wonder Festival exclusives online for worldwide distribution. The first of the two figures I ordered from them is an alternate version of their Aegis

Wonder Festival
Summer 2011 – UPDATE!


While most of us were focused on SDCC last weekend, the Japanese toy industry was celebrating their own show-and-tell shindig at Summer Wonder Festival 2011. Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, was there to capture the latest and greatest from Kaiyodo, The Good Smile Co., and

ItsAllTrue Overseas: A Unique View of Wonder Festival 2009

ItsAllTrue.Net has partnered with Tokyo VR Studio to bring a unique view of Wonder Festival 2009 to our readers. Tokyo VR Studio specializes in high-quality virtual tours and they’ve brought their equipment to WonderFest to get us as close to being there as is possible over