Winter Wonderfest 2013
Miscellaneous Vendors

We’re finishing off our Winter Wonder Fest 2013 coverage with my favorite part of the show.  Sure it’s great seeing what new toys to expect from the big companies, but I really enjoy discovering what the incredibly talented individual artists have been working on.

These last groups of galleries are dedicated to the third party and independent creators who brought their projects to the show.  It’s an amazingly diverse range of just about anything a collector could be interested in.  Once again, I want to thank Robert Baldwin for bringing us this fantastic coverage.  I’d also like to thank Kaiyodo, Max Factory, and all the other attending companies and vendors for allowing us to display their work.

Gallery A

Gallery B

Gallery C

Gallery D

Gallery E

Gallery F

Gallery G

Gallery H

Gallery I

Gallery J

Gallery K

Gallery L

Gallery M


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5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderfest 2013
Miscellaneous Vendors

  1. Sweet pics!

    As usual, the biggest standouts for me are the insects in Gallery A, and the prehistoric creatures later on. Dunkleosteus, Liopleurodon, Cephalaspis, and a swarm of Tullymonstron, just to name a few. Incredibly cool stuff!

    Except . . . what kid ever said “Mummy! Mummy! I want a dung beetle toy!” (Actually, if they threw in wind-up dung-ball-rolling action, I might spring for that.)

    1. I knew they were into making large beetles and other invertebrates fight in the Orient, and the beetle Pokemon reminded me of that when the game first came out.

      But seriously, though . . . dung beetles? Stag, Unicorn, and Hercules beetles, sure.

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