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Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Hulkbuster Review


Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Blizzard Review


Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Iron Man Now Review


Marvel Legends Avengers:
Iron Man Mark 43 Review (Thanos Series)


Hot Toys Iron Man 3
War Machine Review


Hot Toys Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot Review


Vault Review: Iron Man 2
S.H. Figuarts War Machine


Wonder Festival
Summer 2012 (Part 1)


As we were enjoying the afterglow/aftermath of SDCC 2012 a couple weeks ago, another important toy event was taking place half way around the world. Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, was there gathering the latest news, pictures, and even a few rumors from WonderFest!

Marvel Legends
Avengers 6″ Thor Review

I’ve wanted to do some Avengers reviews, but there’s been one big problem. Finding them. I’ve been to Walmarts hours from here and have very little to show for it. I did manage to snag a leftover Thor on one run, but his photo shoot didn’t exactly

Marvel Legends: Madame Hydra
& Madame Masque Review

One is a former love interest of Tony Stark, heir to a powerful east coast crime organization, and hides her scarred face behind a golden mask. The other was the leader of another powerful criminal operation, fights Captain America, and likes the color green. One odd couple

Vault Review: Sci-Fi Revoltech
#36, Movie Iron Man (Mark III)


I know, It’s been a long while since I’ve ordered and reviewed a Sci-Fi Revoltech action figure. That’s mostly due to them not producing any more Godzilla kaiju. But I did decide to pull the trigger and order their latest movie Iron Man

Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 2)


Part two of our Winter Wonder Festival coverage is up and chock-full of great pictures. In fact, we have so many pictures that we’re extending our rundown of the event one more day. Kaiyodo is our big focus of today’s article and their

Marvel Legends (Terrax Wave)
Iron Man & Variant Review

I didn’t intend to purchase many new Marvel Legends. I wanted 2012 to be a year of cutting back, selling. But, the figures are getting better – the Seventh Market is expanding, Mattel’s still got their hand in my wallet, and Hasbro? Well, they went and stepped

Toy Run #4: TRU Resets, a MOTU Strikeout, & Imaginext Annoys Me...


You know the drill. You get up and you think you could get lucky today. You get ready and put on some nice clothes so you can at least feel presentable if you happen to get checked out. You hop in the car and travel