Hot Toys Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot Review

If you follow IAT on Facebook or Twitter (you do, don’t you?) then you probably already know that I’ve caught the Hot Toys bug. I spent a long time staying away from sixth scale. I’m not a fan of soft goods typically. Plus, the figures, by definition, are big. And they can be expensive. I could go on, but essentially I spent a long time looking at the cool stuff that Sideshow, Hot Toys, etc. were putting out and thinking is was nifty, but not for me.

Until two years ago, when Hot Toys veered a little too close to my interests with figures from the 1989 Batman film. I love that movie, warts and all, but I particularly love the designs. I bought Joker & Batman. That started a trickle. Reeves Superman. Go Hero’s Shadow. Hot Toys Indiana Jones. But then it dried up. I decided that when I would dabble in Sixth Scale, it would have to be things that I absolutely loved. Things mostly from my childhood. The upcoming Robocop. The long, uncertain Batman Returns figures. Or the even more uncertain Back to the Futures ones. That was my line in the sand.

Well, here we are in an Iron Patriot review. Obviously, I crossed that line. It’s Marvel’s fault. And their damn movies. DC has sent me all but running into the arms of Marvel in recent years. And this during a time when the Marvel films have been… stunning might be an understatement. After a Marvel blu-ray marathon a few months ago, I came to the conclusion that I’m more than likely going to look back on these movies as fondly as I look back on my 80s favorites. And I’m going to want to have killer toys to remember them by (it’s what I do). So I talked to my wife and then we (I) started the wallet-crushing saga of assembling a sixth scale Marvel shelf. I don’t need every release or even that many of the ones I’ve missed, but I’ve grabbed more than a few.

But I haven’t reviewed any of them. Not one. If I’m being honest – they’re intimidating. I know twelfth and eighteenth scale pretty thoroughly. But sixth scale? My lightbox isn’t big enough for one thing. Adjusting the clothing to be just right. Heck, just knowing what I’m talking about – is there special vocab I need to learn? It sounds silly. It probably is. But sixth scale sort of became my private thing. I bought & reviewed the little guys, gave ‘em fun reviews and kept the biguns to myself. Well, that needs to stop.

And I’m cheating a bit here with Iron Patriot. There are no clothes. No little oddities. The good thing about Hot Toys Iron Man obsession is that they’re churning out giant figures with no soft goods. I feel like I have a better handle on that. It’s a 6″ figure at twice the size! I can review that! I think.

Among my earnest HT collection, I have three IM Armors. My first was the Midas Armor released late last year. There’s just something I enjoy about the all-gold armor and it easily became my first purchase. I may get around to reviewing it, but suffice to say I loved everything about it – except the weight. It kinda feels hollow and just didn’t jive with being an “Iron Man”. Then I found out about Hot Toys Die-Cast series. I had to try it.

And why not in the form of this great melding of Captain America & Iron Man? Iron Patriot first appeared in the comics as Norman Osborn (i.e., Green Goblin) during part of the Civil Infinity Gauntlet Invasion or some such. I don’t know if it was cool when he showed up, but the idea is solid and I loved that Iron Man 3 adapted it. As stated several times at IAT, I do love War Machine and I lament losing that to Iron Patriot (it’s cool, but not cooler). I do admit that the IP color scheme looked excellent in the movie and now enjoy that it’s now faithfully recreated on my shelf.

I haven’t gone and researched stills from the movie to say that with confidence, but it looks pretty damn faithfully executed to me. It’s like having a not-so little version of Iron Patriot just pop out of the movie. The sculpting is fantastic throughout with little details acting as eye candy just about everywhere.

The real gem for Hot Toys is typically the likenesses though and this figure doesn’t disappoint in the department. Obviously, the IM head looks amazing! But while the head in-use when you open the figure has a light-up feature, there is also a second head with two face plates (one sculpted to be down and the other up) which attach to the figure with magnets. On this head, there is a fantastic little Don Cheadle visage. He even already looks annoyed with Tony. It’s great! One face plate covers that up for normal posing, but the other uses those same magnets higher to give the look that it’s open. It also has ome raised panels on the face for when adn if we need them.

The sharp paint job further brings out the sculpt and makes him even more unique from the War Machine figure that he shares a ton of parts with. Now, I did have some paint issues here and there. The red paint line on one of the helmets has blue where it shouldn’t be. There’s a chip in the paint on one of the shoulders. The irony is that HT including a fair amount of wear & tear in the paint already to increase the accuracy and reality of the figure and these little defects almost blend out. There’s a spot or two where I wonder if I scratched it or if it did indeed come that way. Essentially though, I’m not worried about these little blips right now, but am hopeful he fares better than the Cap shield you’ll see in the pictures. Sheesh. Continue to Page 2…

14 thoughts on “Hot Toys Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot Review

  1. I’ve been saying it for years, but Hot Toys look so damn amazing, I’m just sorry they’re such a money/space pit. It’s a road I can’t go down just yet. On that fabled “someday” when I have a better job, more money, and a bigger place, I’d love to dip my toe in those waters. There are dozens of 1/6 figures that I’d love to get my hands on, and not just from Hot Toys. The Big Chief Studios Doctor Who and Sherlock figures look great.

    If HT had ever actually followed through with their X-Men First Class figures, I’d probably already have Mystique. I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan, and I really dug the costumes in those movies. Plus, the basic figures (those not Iron Man or Batman, who don’t have tons of armor, gimmicks, extra pieces, etc.) seem to go for a bit less, so she’d be easier on the wallet.

    1. Space hasn’t been too bad – Batmobile not withstand – but money has. I sold nearly 200 figures from my “toy cellar” to save up the money for just 8 Hot Toys. It was totally worth it, but wow the amount of money that flowed between those two gave me pause.

      You’re definitely right on the less gimmicky ones being cheaper. I love the Bruce Banner and the Sideshow Prototype Boba Fett and they were much easier on the wallet than say, the Hulk or these diecast Iron Men!

  2. Hey, it’s really awesome that you gave reviewing Hot Toys a try! It would be really cool if you could continue reviewing some of your other HT figs as well as I really enjoy reading your reviews :). Regarding collecting those figures it was the same with me I watched those beautifully crafted pieces of art for a year or two without buying them but about a year ago I failed and bought the Battle Damage Mark VI. Meanwhile I have the complete Avengers team here on my shelf as well as Keaton Batman and Reeve Superman^^. The fever really got me :). But I digress… SO…keep o reviewing them!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m going to try to work them in going forward! Your collection about sounds like mine 80s DC Movies & Current Marvel! lol How the times have changed…

  3. Yes 🙂 And I found myself totally in your description of capturing the memory of those movies we loved with those figures! I so hope they will finally bring some Batman Returns figures :D.

    1. Me too! I am hoping they haven’t fallen by the wayside. Batman’s more armored look, Catwoman, & Penguin are all must haves!

  4. I was rewatching the movie the other day, and I think I was way too harsh on it. It’s got a lot of good action beats and the actors do a good job overall. So hey, fun to see an Iron Patriot review! 🙂

    I could never afford Hot Toys over here (shipping and customs is bad enough for s 6″ figure) but it looks very slick indeed

    Great review and pics as always.

    1. Unlike the traditional figures, the Armors really are just big articulated Legends! I liked IM3 overall; I’ve been debating getting Mandarin. I didnt like the more gold than red armor though.

  5. I think what you meant to say was “I have to make a larger photography stage” 🙂

    Because I really want a review of your ’89 Batmobile. Seriously. Or did you do that and I’ve completely forgotten?

    I’m also guessing you’ve managed to hold back from those various Iron Man accessory sets, like ‘Hall of Armor’ and stuff.

    I love the Hot Toys stuff. I want all the Avengers in 1/6. I do. but that’s gonna take a lot of Thousands of Dollars at this point.

    Heck, review Hulk and Banner. That would be a groovy compare/contrast.

    1. I do need to put together a big photo space… that Batmobile, I don’t know though! lol

      The Avengers are definitely a pricey team – and I only have half of it!!

  6. man! that thing is awesome!!! Hot Toys not only continues to put out great stuff, but they continue to do damage to my finances!!!!

  7. I just found this site.. excellent review. My Iron Patriot will arrive tomorrow. It’s funny how Hot Toys draws you into their web. I never imagined that I would ever be a collector.. or that I would pay $300 for a toy!

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