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Marvel Legends Ant-Man:
Ultron Build-a-Figure Review


Marvel Legends Spider-
Man: Hobgoblin Series Spider-Man Review


Marvel Legends Avengers:
Captain America Review (Thanos Series)


Marvel Legends Spider-
Man: Hobgoblin Series Daredevil Review


Marvel Legends Avengers:
Iron Man Mark 43 Review (Thanos Series)


Marvel Legends Avengers:
Odin Series Scarlet Witch Review


JoeCon 2015:
Hasbro & Collector’s Club Armchair Coverage

Star Wars Black #04
Chewbacca Review


Marvel Legends Amazing
Spider-Man Agent Venom Review


Star Wars: Black Series
Prototype Armor Boba Fett Review


Marvel Legends Guardians
of the Galaxy Star-Lord & Drax Review


Marvel Legends Guardians
of the Galaxy Rocket & Gamora Review


Marvel Legends Guardians
of the Galaxy BAF Groot Review


Marvel Legends Guardians
of the Galaxy Nova Review


2013 Marvel Legends
Rocket Raccoon Review


Star Wars: Black Series
#09 Stormtrooper Review


G.I. Joe (FSS) 2.0:
Keel-Haul Review


Transformers SDCC
2014 Boxset:
Knights of Unicron!

G.I. Joe Club Membership
Figure: Cross-Country Review


Hasbro Announces SDCC
Star Wars Black Exclusive!

Marvel Legends Infinite
BAF Mandroid Review


Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Winter Soldier Review


Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Captain America Review


Marvel Legends Captain America
Infinite Hydra Agent Review


Marvel Legends Captain America
Infinite Black Widow Review


Star Wars: The Black Series
#19 Mace Windu Review


Marvel Universe
Hercules Review


G.I. Joe Subscription Service
(FSS) 2.0: Bombardier Review


Marvel Legends Spider-Man
Infinite Black Cat Review


Marvel Legends Spider-Man
Infinite Series Carnage Review


Marvel Legends Captain
America 2 Baron Zemo Review


Vault Review: Marvel Legends
Captain America 2 A.I.M. Agent


Vault Review: Marvel Mashers
Dr. Doom & Spider-Man


G.I. Joe Club Subcription:
Big Boa Review


Star Wars Black #07
Greedo Review


Star Wars Black #08
Han Solo Review


Top Ten: Transformers MP
Figures We Couldn’t Resist

Top Ten: Marvel Legends
We’re STILL Waiting To See!

Marvel Universe
Checklist Update

Transformers Collector’s Club
Subscription Scourge Review


Vault Review: Transformers Prime Sharkticon Megatron


Star Wars Black #02
Darth Maul Review (18 Pics!)


Transformers Masterpiece
MP-12 Sideswipe Review


Vault Review: Star Wars
Black #04 R2-D2


Star Wars Black #01
X-Wing Luke Skywalker Review


Star Wars Black
#03 Sandtrooper Review


Vault Review: Star Wars Black
SDCC 2013 Boba Fett


Transformers United Bruticus
& FansProject Colossus Review

One of the problems I keep running into lately is that I keep buying bigger & bigger toys. Toys too big for my “studio”, toys too big for just 6-8 pictures, toys that probably should get multiple reviews. I tend to put them aside when I’m choosing

G.I. Joe Club Membership
Figure: Iceberg Review

I am seriously backed up on G.I. Joe Reviews. I happily subbed to the Joe FSS (& the Joe FSS 2.0) and, so far, only the first month’s figures have made it to the site. Did I mention I have all thirteen? Oops! And here I

Vault Review: TF Prime
Beast Hunters Hun-Gurrr


As fate would have it, a couple days after my Twinstrike review I stumbled across another Predacon on a trip to Walmart. So since I’m still having fun with the little guys, the next figure on the way to completing Abominus is

Vault Review: TF Prime Beast
Hunters Twinstrike


I’m not really planning on buying all the TF Prime Predacons, but the few that are out have interested me enough that I seem to be heading in that direction. So today I’ve got a little review for a little figure I

Vault Review: Transformers
Prime: Beast Hunters’ Ripclaw


I just found the second wave of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters at my local Walmart. I passed on Smokescreen (for now), but decided to pickup another Predacon. Lucky for me, I’m much happier with Ripclaw than my two previous Predacon purchases.

Vault Review: Transformers
Prime Frenzy & Rumble


When I ran across Rumble at my local Target a few months ago, I was pretty eager to pick him up. Unfortunately Hasbro hasn’t followed with his buddy Frenzy. I had to look towards Takara to complete the team, even though I

G.I. Joe Club: Dice Review
(& Jinx Non-Review)

If I’ve learned anything from moving into my first home, it’s that I’ll be unpacking for the rest of my life. Seriously. Every time I think of an old figure I need for a review, it’s inevitably adrift somewhere in the cardboard sea in my garage.

Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Beast Hunters Lazerback


I was surprised to discover the new Transformers Prime Beast Hunters figures at my local Toys “R” Us already. After pushing aside the familiar yellow plague that is Bumblebee, my choice of which one to buy was made even easier by the

Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Dark Energon Starscream


This week seems to be devoted to paint variants, so to go along with the trend I’m going to throw one more Starscream onto the pile. This time I’m taking a look at the BBTS exclusive Dark Energon version. This is a

Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Entertainment Pack Starscream


As the end of the year draws closer, I find myself trying to catch up on some older reviews that I haven’t gotten around to yet. So in order to save a little time and hopefully fit more things into my schedule,

Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Wheeljack & Dead End


I’m trying to catch up on some of my 2012 reviews before the end of the year, so today I’m doing two Transformers Prime figures in one review. Dead End and Wheeljack End may share the same body, but their unique head

“Return of” Marvel Legends
U.S. Agent Review

On Monday, I got to review a long-awaited DC Classics figure: Elasti-Girl. Today is a review of a figure I’ve waited even longer for: a Marvel Legends U.S. Agent. I can’t believe it took two companies, hundreds of figures, and ten years to get this guy.

“Return of” Marvel Legends
Series Three: Doctor Doom


I’m not sure what to think about Hasbro’s ML reboot. I like the majority of the figures so far, but it seems like an afterthought in the toy aisle. Only one nearby Walmart carries it. Target & TRU still have their pegs,

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