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Giant Man Series
Marvel Legends Black Panther Review


Marvel Legends Avengers:
Captain America Review (Thanos Series)


Marvel Legends Infinite
BAF Mandroid Review


Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Winter Soldier Review


Marvel Legends Captain America
Infinite Hydra Agent Review


Marvel Legends Captain America
Infinite Black Widow Review


Marvel Legends Captain
America 2 Red Skull Review


“Return of” Marvel Legends
U.S. Agent Review

On Monday, I got to review a long-awaited DC Classics figure: Elasti-Girl. Today is a review of a figure I’ve waited even longer for: a Marvel Legends U.S. Agent. I can’t believe it took two companies, hundreds of figures, and ten years to get this guy.

Marvel Legends / Studio Series 6″
Avengers Captain America Review

Since I didn’t buy the battle-damaged Iron Man, this will be my last Avengers review for the foreseeable future. It feels wrong. No Black Widow. No unmasked Cap. No Maria Hill. No Coulson. I could go on; this line shouldn’t be over. Anyway, let’s wrap things up,

Marvel Legends Captain America
Review (Arnim Zola Wave)

You know what the plan was for 2012? Spend less money at retail. Limit the impulse purchases. Try to budget in a Hot Toys figure or two. You know what blew that to hell? Marvel Legends. One, cause they’re awesome. Two, because they released two waves on

Marvel Legends (Terrax Wave)
Steve Rogers Review

With Marvel Legends returning, a new Cap figure was as inevitable as the Thor & Iron Man that we’ve already reviewed. I was pretty happy when I found out Hasbro had elected to do a recent look for Steve, when he wasn’t Captain America, but rather Steve

Marvel Universe #21:
Commander Steve Rogers Review


If you’ve read IAT for awhile, you know I love alternate costumes. Symbiote Spidey. Electric Supes. Black Batsuit. War Machine. Hooked Aquaman. I could go on… There’s just something I find neat about the tried & true looks being experimented with, but what I really like is

Vault Review: Captain America
International Patriots 3pk


This review was originally intended to wrap up our Flags & Spandex Week, but then Preview Night had to go and be all amazing, so we decided to hold off for a few days and start our Armchair Coverage early. The International Patriots 3pk includes Cap,

Vault Review: Captain America
Captain Britain (New Excalibur)


So let’s take a break from the Mattycollector hullabaloo with another Captain America: The First Avenger review! It’s day three of our Flags & Spandex week and we’re going to make a jump over to the comic book side line with a look at Captain Britain

Vault Review: Captain America Fortress Assault Mission


Before we get to the review, I want to apologize for how late this article is today. I had planned to post it some time this morning, but those intentions went awry. Better late than never though, so here’s Tuesday’s Captain America: The First Avenger review:

Vault Review: Captain America:
The First Avenger U.S. Agent


In celebration of the Captain America movie opening up this Friday, we’re dedicating this week to the Captian America: The First Avenger toy line. Monday through Thursday we’ll have a new review on some of the more interesting figures in this series. The first figure I’ll

Checklist Updates: MOTU Classics, Ghostbusters, & Captain America

A good checklist is almost always a work in progress and while we were away the last couple weeks we missed a fair share of updates. As IAT returns to its normal schedule, I need to spend some time getting our various checklists in order. I’ve

Toy Fair 2011 Armchair Coverage
RoundUp w/ Updated Checklists

Got that morning after feeling? I know I do. I not only spent all weekend being abused by toy companies trying to take their money, I foolishly vowed to have all the IAT Checklists updated before the weekend was out (they are!) Once I was done, I remembered there was still that little matter of doing some Armchair Coverage…

Marvel Universe Checklist
Updates, Cap & Thor Pages Added


New pages for the Captain America & Thor movie lines have been added to the Marvel Universe Resource. The Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man pages have been updated with the latest wave information. And a Two-Packs section has been added to the 2011 page. Images have

Most Requested Figures: Marvel
Legends U.S. Agent + Poll

Marvel Universe Invaders 4pk &
Black/White Captain America (SDCC)

I might have a confession. I might, this is hard to admit, but I might prefer 3 3/4″ scale to 6″ scale. Don’t get me wrong. I love my DCUCs, MOTUCs, GBCs, MLs, DCDs, FanExs, etc, etc. Most of my collection is 6″ because that scale is usually executed better