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BAF Mandroid Review


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Winter Soldier Review


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Captain America Review


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Review (Arnim Zola Wave)

You know what the plan was for 2012? Spend less money at retail. Limit the impulse purchases. Try to budget in a Hot Toys figure or two. You know what blew that to hell? Marvel Legends. One, cause they’re awesome. Two, because they released two waves on

ItsAllTrue Review: Marvel Legends
Black Widow & Winter Soldier


Marvel Legends. For many collectors, it’s a hallowed line. Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t deny the influence its had on the toy industry. Hasbro hasn’t always lived up to the bar Toy Biz set for the line, but I keep hoping they’ll get there. This week, I purchased the Black Widow & the Winter Soldier’s variant 2pk.

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