Marvel Legends Infinite
BAF Mandroid Review

Doesn’t it feel like I’ve been reviewing Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier toys forever? I’ve got a nice review backlog built up, particularly with some great Power Lords & OSM pieces the 4H have sent along, but I’m not quite down with these darn Cap toys just yet! With still one Cap figure left to go (that’d be Marvel Now Cap, who is a really nice figure), I thought I’d just skip ahead and finish things off for now with the line’s BAF: the Mandroid

I originally wasn’t planning on picking up the Mandroid. A better Marvel True Believer can correct me, but I don’t recall this being a comic version. Now I haven’t seen every appearance, and I’m sure Mandroids have appeared in a variety of shapes and sizes, but when I think Mandroid, I think about the classic, smooth, gold armors from the seventies. The design used is still pretty cool, though I’d love to see it in gold, so it eventually won me over, largely thanks to Captain America 2 being so amazing awesome that I found myself needing the movie figures necessary to complete this fella.

The Mandroid reuses a healthy chunk of parts from the Iron Monger (which I apparently never reviewed, oops), but features an all-new head/torso, forearms, and a few add on-bits. The final result is a well-sculpted figure that looks plenty menacing while still being sufficiently different from the Monger (the blue to grey transition surely helps too!). The new torso and mostly embedded helmet also has the added benefit, due largely to the design, of looking like more like a pilot-driven suit of armor instead of just a big robot. It just has a great aesthetic to it, and after snagging Black Widow, I was much more inclined to grab the legs and go back and snag the noggin’ as well.

The only complaint I have on the sculpt is going to be one of those whiny, hindsight, collector issues about different figures coming with the same BAF pieces. Now, normally, I don’t care about that, but the Mandroid presented us with a unique opportunity. Hasbro could have switched the armament on the arms between the figures. This would’ve had a cost, tooling the bicep covers differently, but the added benefit would’ve been sweet – customization. Mandroids with two blade hands, or two gun hands, or just having different options when you have multiples (provided you can find more than no Black Widows). It just would’ve made the figure that much cooler. Instead though, I have this pile of arms laying around that no one is gonna ever need (except maybe that BAF Ultimate Green Goblin! Poor guy!)

Like Iron Monger, the articulation is a highlight to the figure. The lets are easily the best area with some fun deep poses possible thanks to the ball hips & ankles, thigh swivels, and double-hinge knees. It does take a little work to strike balances, but it’s a lot of fun on a bulky guy like this. The torso joint is a little more limited than the Monger’s, but still has some range. The head is kinda in the same situation. There’s range, but being so inset in the body makes it harder to move, at least on mine. Finally, the Mandroid and Monger lose some points on the arms due to the bulk blocking the ball elbows and swivel wrists. The ball-shoulders and bicep swivels help, but the arms can be a little frustrating. Continue to Page 2…

19 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Infinite
BAF Mandroid Review

  1. What, no comparison to the Horde Trooper? 😉

    Yeah, this guy falls into the “so much potential” category. the idea of switching arm accessories has been discussed in previous reviews, and even switching arms between Mandy and Monger works for me.

    As for the head, I have one sitting locked in the proper position, while another is simply tucked inside the collar loose. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him? As soon as I can unpack the rest and see if I can swap head and other parts around, I probably will.

    I do agree that this guy may have worked better as the “classic” gold/yellow, and I even customed two TB Hulkbuster IMs into Mandroids years ago. (ok, about three coats of yellow spray paint and one swapped head, one Tony head spray painted over. oops.) I know I pulled one’s armpads off, intending to fit one of the larger guns into there, but then never got around to it. I know in an early New Warriors, they have some sort of guns in place of hands, but I didn’t want to go that far.

    oh, and that Jamie Foxx Electro is better than he initially looks. I had one, decided to take him back, then someone bought him, but I snagged the next one and a third one has been sitting for over a month. the “plain” head could be an easy Iceman if not for the jaw wires, but the “lightning” head and hands are cool, if a bit annoying to swap out. The body is detailed, too, its not a basic buck like Toxin, and could probably be used for a few customs, as well. (can you tell I’m trying to convince myself to buy that figure for customs? maybe I’m waiting for it to go on sale like Cap2 or even clearance like the Spideys NO ONE is touching! LOL)

  2. Nice! I’m glad you reviewed this BAF. I have completed Iron Monger, and I’ve slowly been amassing the BAF pieces for Mandroid, but that was mostly because I really like the look of the Cap figures. I’m still scouring the pegs for a Black Widow so that I don’t just have a bag full of limbs.

    Overall, I’m impressed with this figure. He’ll look good with my Pac Rim Jaegers and my Mecha Spawn figures….assuming I’ll find a Black Widow some day. Now that you mentioned it, though, it would have been amazing if they had customizable limbs with the army builders. It certainly would have increased sales for those guys.

  3. you guys do know there’s a new case ratio coming out, with a four part mix that is 1/4 widow, right? don’t give up hope yet! 🙂

    1. That’s still not confirmed. Only one store, and not a reputable one, has that listing, and any reports on it like the ToyArk one only link back to that store as the source. I wouldn’t bet on it being true.

      1. Oh, actually just saw the BBTS listing for a totally different Revision Case. Ignore me, then. Even better than the rumored one.

        1. yep, BBTS and EE both had the C mix listed, then either SamuRon or Dan’l said it was cancelled on one of their side FB page, both sites had pulled the pre-orders, and not two days later, the pre-orders were back up.

  4. Regarding all of the extra BAF parts, what try should have done was included a head with the WWII Cap. That way, if you’re buying every figure as well as extras of each figure with a second head, you could have two complete BAFs (he can be army built after all) without needlessly doubling up on a figure with only one look. Marvel Now Cap is sweet, but there’s no reason to have two of them.

    1. nice idea, you’d still need 2 Widows, WS/Buckys, and “Stealth” Caps to finish a second Mandroid.

      1. Right. And since each comes with two heads (and thus two display options) it’s not a total loss.

  5. Also, I’m thinking of putting him on the movie shelf as a “movie concept” figure. He vibes with the look of the vehicles from the film, so he’ll create a nice SHIELD backdrop. Need to score a Widow first though.

  6. Snagged a Widow today and was not planning on buying anything today. The Mandroid is looking good now and only need a winter soldier to finish. Now where should I put Widow? Thinking in my CSA vs. Avengers display.

    1. Oh yeah, another great review and agree even swappable forearms woulda been nice.

      If the chest openned and could fit a MU fig this would be rocking even more.

  7. If ya wanna Frankenstein the BAF pieces, the machine gun left arm does snap right into Ultimate Green Goblins torso. The blades right arm does not fit, bummer.

    Just saying.


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