Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Winter Soldier Review

To start off, this review will contain spoilers for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. I won’t reveal any salient plot details of the film itself, but if you somehow don’t know who the Winter Solder is already, and don’t want to know, then you might need to wait on this review until later. We’ll wait.
Also on that note, if I refer to actor Sebastian Shaw (a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker), just assume I’m sleepy and that I’m not meaning to talk about Star Wars. I’m up against the deadline on this review and I’m feeling the siren call of sleep.

The Winter Soldier was the last figure I needed to complete my Mandroid. I had been lucky enough to run across him before, a few weeks ago, when I found Black Widow, but I didn’t want to drop $40 for both. Wisely, I took Widow and left the Soldier. Then, I didn’t see him again for a month. My wife & I were down in Arkansas, where Wv2 leftovers are at Walmart (no Walmart here has seen a touch of Wv2), and we nearly struck clean out, until my wife happened to spot this very Winter Soldier strewn about at the far end of the aisle. She’s a keeper that one.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t originally going to buy this figure, but two things happened. One, the Mandroid kinda won me over and two, the new movie is amazing. I loved it. I bought the rest of these. I pre-ordered Hot Toys from it. I’m ready to go watch it again. And own the DVD.

Now, the Winter Soldier wasn’t a big part of why I enjoyed the movie. Honestly, the Soldier is more plot device than character at this point (i.e., I didn’t pre-order his HT), but I did need to get this size. Cause, hey, it’s just $20. And dat leg.

The only complaint I have on the sculpt is the height. He’s taller than Steve and he shouldn’t be. Other than that though, I love it. The brown jacketed version doesn’t seem to be in the movie for very long, but it looks sharp on the figure and keeps him from being entirely clad in black. The detail work is top notch from head to toe, including the complicated design on the leather jacket.

On the head sculpts, I’m leaning more towards the masked head. The technical details are again spot on here and it looks fantastic, and not to mention a bit more menacing. The unmasked head isn’t a poor quality likeness, but it’s not as spot on as Black Widow. If you tell me it’s Sebastian Stan, I’ll believe and I can see it, but I might not be able to know it’s him from just looking at the toy head. I sorta blame that on the jawline or the fact we tend to see this guy with stubble, but it also might just be the horrendous black eye paint. Continue to Page 2…

28 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Winter Soldier Review

  1. I have still had no luck. Still waiting to see a restock at many stores.

    Still saw the film.and enjoyed every second. Just wished didn’t slide in my chair so much cause adjusting back I hope I.didn’t miss an easter egg. (Like with all the names that came up on the screen)

    I usually sell off movie figs but Winter Soldier and Widow are keepers along with Cap and now I want the WW2 suit and can’t find. Also wish we got a Falcon. Did him great justice.

    Oh almost forgot, a great review and like the jokes.

  2. My chico snagged him while we were in st louis this past weekend. I like the fig but I had to let the poor kid raid my fodder bins for proper armament. The movie was dog’s bollocks though.

    1. Do you think when tWS wanks it lefty, he refers to it as a colossus? It’s a whole new twist on the stranger.

    2. yeah, if you can find them, Cap w2 is everywhere here. as is ASM2, or more accurately, the Spideys no one wants. (my main WM just clearances Scarlet for $6, but Miles was still $11, even if he was on the same peg oh well.)

      and up here for WW ComicCon?
      almost went, but ER friday night and no energy/sleep Saturday. I had a couple friends go.
      (6’9″ hipster posing in 66 Batmobile, and greying ginger as 11)

      1. nope, family had tickets to the cards/cubs fri evening. i had a date with helmet nachos. 🙂

        i did find one toxin in chesterfield, but passed on him. our other TRU stop we found the two winter soldiers but no widow. but we only hit TRUs, no wallie stops this time. to be honest, i don’t overmuch go out of my way to “hunt” for figures anymore, partially because stores are so spotty these days so there’s no reliability from one to the next whether they not they’ve even stocked the figs i’m after, but also, ease of internet purchasing… if i find a toy in the wild, GREAT! if not, i don’t sweat it. still haven’t laid eyes on any of the wave 3 pac rim stuff, outside my LCS. i went to the two TRUs we hit this weekend looking for godzilla stuff primarily, nary a movie ‘zilla to be found. lame.

        1. sounds like Sunset TRU? the WM just to the north/other side of 44 in Kirkwood was where I got BW and WS.

          I don’t get up there lately, so I haven’t seen any PacRim/G stuff, but the 6’9″ friend who likes it has found some stuff and even a 6″ Fett the other day.

          1. Hi Brainlock and Dayraven,

            Good about your success in Chesterfield and Kirkwood.

            Saint Charles/Saint Peters are absolutely awful. I’ve only found an AMS2 Spider Girl at the Slackers off I-70 and Zumbehl Rd, but Slackers had marked her up to $30, so I passed (will probably regret that, I guess).

            The TRU at I-70 and Mid Rivers Mall Dr seems to have dropped all of its Marvel lines. I too have lost my enthusiasm for the hunt. I just bide my time and hope I can catch key figs by luck off Hasbro Toy Shop or a dip in price from the Amazon/Ebay scalpers.

            It just grew to be too big of a waste of time to prowl my area stores. There is a V-Stock at Mid Rivers Mall but it is far more hit or miss than it ought to be for a specialty store. Wonder if the staff scalps the best figs themselves. Did find an ML Jean Grey there before I’d even realized she’d been released.

            Otherwise, St Charles/Peters are in a timewarp. Two months ago, the “best Target in the area” had finally stocked an order of…. MU Prof X, Blastaar, and Jubilee. I probably find Winter Soldier (but never BW) around here in 2015, where it will peg-warm until 2017.

  3. Saw the remnants of this wave at Target this past weekend, 2 Winter Soldiers and a STRIKE Suit Cap. I passed as I have this wave preordered from BBTS. They looked really good in the package and I can’t wait to get them in hand. I have some old CORPS! weapons that I’ve used with Deadpool that I think I can raid to arm up Bucky here. 99% positive I have a nice sniper rifle that will work beautifully.

  4. Very fun review! Glad to see he’s a good fig too. I saw one on the pegs yesterday, so this was a very timely review. I love the look of this fig. It’s like a more Emo Cable.

  5. A very cool figure ruined by the accessory. I don’t have many 6″ scale guns lying around. I needed him to be better equipped. I’m sure I’ll enjoy him more once I can have him holding a movie-accurate weapon or two.

    1. the casting cave has a ton of ML-scaled guns available for not much scratch. hit them up and arm your soldier! 😉

  6. good fig, but my joints are almost too tight hard to pose, esp the hips.
    I’m not sold on either head, either. both looks are only seen briefly. the mask in the initial assault and the “emo-liner” was even briefer. and I can’t help but think the masked head was based off the New Goblin from Spidey3?

    I have an extra to custom a “movie Cable”, once I find a decent head that fits.
    (some great timing a few weeks back and a helpful WM associate letting me know a case was just checked in off the truck! w00t!)

    as for the weapon, yeah, a bright red gun is not what a sniper needs. Luckily, Punisher and Mystique both have more than they can hold or even need. Skull can have the Big Red One.

    If we got a Widow this go round with an alt. Avengers head, I can only hope we get Falcon for Cap3 or Avengers2, if not seeded into an eventual ML wave, like X3 Jean and Juggy.

  7. I bought a T-Bolts Punisher during the HasbroToyShop 20% Off + Free Shipping along with this guy (and the Cap) just to have weapons for Winter Soldier. I suspect Madame Masque’s assault rifle will look pretty good with him too.

      1. This only occurred to me now: the AIM Soldier looks like a Legends-size Airtight prototype; Black Widow is just a few steps away from being a re-purposed Baroness; and Stealth STRIKE Captain America is starting to look more and more like a realistic Sigma 6 Duke.

        Is Hasbro dropping hints that they’ll be making Joes and Cobras in six-inch scale in the future?

        1. 6″ SW certainly hints at it, BUT word is the Hasbro Joe team has been dispersed?

          1. Hasbro is retiring G.I. Joe (again)? Does this have something to do with Marvel’s movies making more money than the Joe movies?

            1. I’m not sure of details, but I’d think a lot of it has to be after the fiasco with Paramount pulling the second movie for “reshoots” right as merch was hitting the shelves did NOT help without the movie to push them. then retailers were still sitting on them a year later when the film finally hit (with all of one 2m scene added!), and almost another year has passed and I still see plenty of movie stuff sitting, taking up space and collecting dust.

              If this had been a smaller company, they’d be folding.
              (looks at Hobbit2 3.75″ toys “clearanced” for $8.)

        2. Little part swapping and I can kinda see the AIM troop becoming a Crimson Guard. Look at the chest and think.can see it.

          1. Upon closer inspection, that does look like a Crimson Guard uniform.

            Meanwhile, Red Skull looks like an appropriate candidate for becoming Destro.

            1. we discussed in the Cap2 AIM review, the chest is identical to comic Starlord, too.

  8. Like you I loved the movie. Unlike you I was able to resist picking up the figure. The only one I want is Scar Jo.

  9. I saw one of these one time, on one of those “two days before payday” days. That was almost two months ago, and I haven’t seen a one since. I’ve all but given up on ever finding Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Black Cat, and Spider-Girl.

  10. I got this guy off HTS, and it’s a cery nice figure. Like you, the movie made me like it more. I didn’t have any guns lying around, so my WS is currently holding the Stormtrooper rifle that came with Han Solo. Not great, but better than that awful rifle.

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