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Marvel Universe
Hercules Review


Marvel Universe SDCC Exc:
Masters of Evil 3pk Review

It’s been awhile since my last Marvel Universe review. Truth is, MU and I seem to have had a falling out. Space, budgeting, the return of Marvel Legends, & just finding the damn things have all affected my MU purchases of late. I haven’t bought many, but

Vault Review: Marvel vs. Capcom
Minimates Thor vs. Amaterasu


Ever since the DC Minimates from DC Direct died on the vine, I’ve been a lot more selective with my Minimates purchases. But Diamond Select Toys has its ways of pulling me back in, and there’s no better way than by making a figure from one

Marvel Legends
Avengers 6″ Thor Review

I’ve wanted to do some Avengers reviews, but there’s been one big problem. Finding them. I’ve been to Walmarts hours from here and have very little to show for it. I did manage to snag a leftover Thor on one run, but his photo shoot didn’t exactly

Vault Review: Marvel’s
Avengers 6″ Loki


After a few weeks of hunting, I’d given up on finding the six inch movie Avengers figures around my area, and I was mostly right. Luckily we were out of town for a comic book convention, and I happened across a few

Marvel Legends (Terrax Wave)
Heroic Age Thor Review

It’s finally here! After being announced nearly a year-and-a-half ago at San Diego 2010, Marvel Legends is back on store shelves in all their 6” glory and with BAF pieces in tow. Our local TRU opened a fresh case this weekend and I happily snapped up Hasbro’s

Thor: The Mighty Avenger
(Comic Series) 6″ Loki Review


After a particularly hectic September and a promotion in October, my ability to keep up with the latest toy news is a bit compromised. I had no idea that the 6” movie-related Cap & Thor figures had reached stores when I found Loki sneering at me from

THORsday Review
Thor: 8″ Movie Destroyer


For now, Thursdays are the province of Thor to help promote IAT’s new sister site, TheDailyThor.Com. This Thursday, I’m taking a look at a movie figure you probably aren’t seeing in stores: the 8″ rotocast Destroyer. It’s not the greatest figure to write about it, but