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Vault Review: Marvel vs. Capcom
Minimates Thor vs. Amaterasu

Vault Review: Marvel Minimates: Mr. Fantastic & 1st App Dr. Doom

Along with the Universal Monsters, I also noticed a new wave of Marvel Universe Mates at our local Toys R Us. I fell out of Minimates collecting when the DC line was cancelled, but every once in a while I’m still tempted back by certain characters. Looking at this Dr. Doom in the store, I couldn’t pass him up.

Vault Review: Minimates
Universal Monsters Wave 1

I’m a big fan of the classic Universal Monsters. Whether it was playing Castlevania, or watching great movies like The Monster Squad; I couldn’t get enough of Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, the Mummy, or the Gill-Man. So when Art Asylum released these in Minimates form, I was definitely sold.

Vault Review: Back to the Future Minimates – Delorean

Sometimes I find the unexpected on my bi-weekly visits to Toys R Us. Last week, I was surprised to see the new Minimates vehicles hanging on the pegs. The Hunter Killer from Terminator was particularly tempting, but I eventually decided to just get one. And the Back to the Future Delorean was it.

Amusing Articulations: Ghostbusters Minimates get all the cool stuff!

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