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Toy Fair 2010 Armchair
Coverage RoundUp

Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning worried that you might have missed an important Toy Fair announcement? Couldn’t convince your significant other that Toy Fair was more important than Valentine’s Day? It’sAllTrue.Net has you covered. We’re not at Toy Fair this year,

Gallery 1988: Great artwork, some hints, new accessories, and the May Club Eternia Figure!

Last week, many fans were anxiously awaiting the opening of G88’s MOTU Art Show on Friday night due to a tip from Matty that one of two SDCC Exclusive figures would be revealed there. Unfortunately, Matty informed us on Friday morning that a complication had arisen and

Mr. Rant asks
“What would you do?”

We’re going to do something a little different today. Usually, I write my articles about something that frustrates, annoys, or upsets me. Since a lot of things in this world fit into those three categories, I’m never without something to talk about. But, every great once in a while, something

IAT on the Road: GI Joe Con ’09
Kansas City – Final Round Up!

JoeCon is over and the ItsAllTrueCrew couldn’t have had a better time. From the parachute drop, to the various panels, to some of the coolest new Joes, and to meeting Larry Hama, it was really one thrill after another. We’ve got pictures from all the major

IAT on the Road: GI Joe Con 2009
International Jump Jet 2pk Review

When the ItsAllTrue crew decided to hit up JoeCon, we weren’t thinking about exclusives. We knew about the Crimson Strike Team and we liked it, but they were out of our price range. We’d seen the promotion images for the other exclusives, but as we packed up and made the

ItsAllTrue.Net on the Road:
GI Joe Con 2009 – Hasbro Panel

We had a great time at Friday’s Joe Con, but probably the most exciting part was the Hasbro panel. Here’s my rundown of what was revealed and the details on some of the awesome figures we’ll be seeing into next year.

For those of you who haven’t

Kansas City here we come!
GI Joe Con 2009!!

Today, we’re suspending our normal features. We’ll bring you more SDCC Exclusive goodness tomorrow and into next week. Friday Five will return in seven days. Why you ask? Well, the ItsAllTrueCrew is heading for Kansas City to attend JoeCon 2009!

But we’re not going to leave

ItsAllTrue Overseas: Tokyo Figure Show

Our partner site in Japan, Tokyo VR Studio, has provided us with more of their unique coverage. This time they’ve taken their cameras to the 2009 Tokyo Figure Show.

The 2009 Tokyo Figure show is a showcase put together by dannychoo.com to help showcase

ItsAllTrue Overseas: A Unique View of Wonder Festival 2009

ItsAllTrue.Net has partnered with Tokyo VR Studio to bring a unique view of Wonder Festival 2009 to our readers. Tokyo VR Studio specializes in high-quality virtual tours and they’ve brought their equipment to WonderFest to get us as close to being there as is possible over

ItsAllTrue on the Road: Oklahoma City Lego Store Grand Opening

On Saturday, the Itsalltrue.net Crew got up unusually early and headed out to Oklahoma City for the grand opening of a LEGO Store at the Penn Square Mall. I was excited, to say the least. When NoisyDvL5 told me about the store, I knew I had to

is on the Road!

Most of had that phase in our lives where we loved Legos and for some of us, we never grew out of it. We at ItsAllTrue are fortunate to finally have a Lego store opening “relatively” (re: 200 miles) close to us and we had to head down