MOTUClassics.Com: Optikk Review

If you’ve doubted that MOTU Classics was hot, if you’ve dismissed the clamor each month as hype, if you’ve wondered what the fuss is about when the figures roll in a week later, I give you Optikk. Optikk is from a corner of the MOTUverse that few fans care for, a character that even we at IAT had little more than a passing awareness of last year, and a guy that might have trouble getting some respect. Until now. Because in MOTU Classics, even a guy like Optikk blows out in fifteen minutes.

Gallery 1988: Great artwork, some hints, new accessories, and the May Club Eternia Figure!

Last week, many fans were anxiously awaiting the opening of G88's MOTU Art Show on Friday night due to a tip from Matty that one of two SDCC Exclusive figures would be revealed there. Unfortunately, Matty informed us on Friday morning that a complication had arisen and that SDCC reveal would not be possible. Luckily, Mattel was able to recover and did not disappoint - unless you're one of those folks that takes the term "Classics" literally when it comes to MOTU Classics! We at IAT see the entire line and all past incarnations as one giant MOTUverse and we're not afraid to say we were excitedly exchanging texts and phone calls as the images rolled in. Let's just say Matty gave us more than a few goodies to make up for the missing SDCC figure.