21 thoughts on “Don’t forget…
Optikk is today!

  1. Oh, yeah, baby! I’m hoping all the lukewarm response to Optikk will make for an easy day today.

  2. I’m hoping all the complains about/lukewarm resaponse to Tytus will allow me to get the non-giant motuc items…

  3. Tytus is gone!!! He beat Optikk!!

    Course they probably made like five Tytus figures.

  4. 10 bucks? what part of the country are you boys in? i’m literally just over half way across the country from CA and i got out w/ three figs for 8.50. or are you guys paying sales tax too?

  5. I just got Peck (though I have Optikk via sub). Tytus just doesn’t interest me. I’m worried about next month as unlike other DCUC products I think they’ll be a crush to get wave 5.

  6. @dayraven

    Long Island, NY Optikk, Merman and Walter Peck

    SubTotal: $60.00
    Shipping: $10.55
    Tax: $6.09
    Total: $76.64

    1. so they’re charging you guys 10.55 to get a package to NY, but i’m only paying 8.45 to MO? that seems… odd. i’m sure mattel would deny it, but you know UPS doesn’t charge by distance, so that seems off to charge more for one continental US destination than another.

      1. I have decided just to bend over and take it. I feel if I fight back Mattel will just make it harder on me. Its hard enough as it is.

  7. *sigh* so.. my wife tried to get me these.. ran into a credit authorization error.. yay DR.. another screw up for everyone… and, long story short, I have a $31 walter peck on the way… *sigh*

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