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DCUC15 Added to the Checklist! (Large Images)

After months of rumors and speculation, Mattel has revealed the details on DCUC15.
Click the images below for larger versions.

Wave Fifteen (3rd Quarter)
Piece 70/30 Var Piece Piece 50/50 Var Piece Piece Piece Piece C&C
Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz Jemm, Son of Saturn Starman Starman VII Omac Batman (Sinestro) Golden Pharoah Raven Validus

Here’s what Matty had to say about the release…

DCU Fans,

Oh DCU, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… let’s see, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3… Wave 15! Yep, Wave 15 is coming to retailers late this summer. You’ll find these figures first at Kmart in late August/early September, then retailers everywhere in the fall. Collect all seven figures and you’ll have everything you need to create a villainous Validus Collect and Connect™ figure!

  • Golden Pharaoh — Complete your “Super Powers” collection! Golden Pharaoh is armed with his Pyramid Power staff and rocks a transparent purple torso and collar.
  • Classic Starman –Traditional version of Starman is well equipped with his Cosmic Rod and a Stellar Energy Pistol. Celestial crime fighting was never so much fun!
  • Modern Starman — The updated version of Starman lands with his trusty Cosmic Rod and features contemporary translucent parts.
  • OMAC — He’s not bad, he’s just built that way! Cyborg OMAC is rendered in dramatic detail in his first outing as an action figure.
  • Martian Manhunter — Two versions will be released, so it’ll be your turn to hunt the hunter for both the standard figure and the hard-to-find chase version with Martian head and “weapon” hand!
  • Raven — Stunning and smart, the Fan’s Choice winner comes to life as a magnificent action figure.
  • Sinestro Corps Batman — Commemorating his near-indoctrination into the dark side, our hero comes with a transparent Batarang ring construct.
  • Jemm – We’re fairly certain the Injustice Gang has their eye on MattyCollector.com as the Son of Saturn gets ready to make his first-ever appearance as an action figure.
  • Validus — Collect all 7 figures above to create this fearsome 9” Collect and Connect™ figure! Validus arrives with a crystal-clear head dome to reveal his heinously huge brain.

Wave Fifteen has also been added to our DC Classics Visual Checklist.

49 comments to DCUC15 Added to the Checklist!

  • Nik

    Kmart gets first dibs, wierd.

    • I know! How weird is that… The nearest one is about an hour away. Nearest three, I guess. I imagine I’ll be tempted into a few long distance toy runs instead of waiting sensibly. 😀

  • Adrian

    Golden Pharaoh is a thing of beauty. He’s actually gold!!

  • Deathmask

    Jonn – Finally.
    Alternate Jonn – Waste.
    Jemm – Who? What’s up with those hands?
    Starman – Great choice.
    Jack Knight – Another great choice.
    Omac – What’s up with his baloon noggin?
    Batman SC – That’s not what that looked like. A completely made up DCUC. Ugh.
    Golden Pharoah – Lame character looks good.
    Raven – Why is the cape up? Really?
    Validus – That’s out of left field. And only 9″? C’mon!

  • AllMindsAboutEverything

    I think I would’ve preferred GP to be yellow. I know gold is in his name, but I don’t know. Omac is hopefully been photoshopped badly by Matty.

    Now with that out of the way, THIS WAVE IS AWESOME!!!

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  • Blake

    Why are there no larger pics from Mattel? HOW STUPID! Thanks for the thumbnails, Matty.

  • NoisyDvL5

    Martian Manhunter is a thing of beauty. I’m so used to seeing his more updated version, that the complete Super Powers look caught my be surprise! But I love it! The Martian head is weak. I’m sure it’s sculpted well, but imagine if Mattel had put it on the Deadman buck and sprung for new feet? As it is, it’s the same dumb figure when DCD tried to do this. Clearish would’ve been better.

    JEMM – A 20yr old dream come true. I’m stunned. That is awesome!

    Getting Ted and Jack outta the way is sweet! Still crossing my fingers for Will, Gavyn, and Tom. 😀

    Omac looks classic, but he is a bit off on the proportions. I’m sure it’ll be fixed and 4H 2up looks nothing like that.

    Sinestro Batman was going to blow, but they saved it by making up a costume for him. I don’t care that it’s not accurate. That’s what I wanted. Well, not what I wanted, but what I wanted an SC to be if I had to have one.

    Raven. I’m not a big fan of the flared cape look, but the figure looks sharp. Interested to see how the articulation works.

    GP is fantastic! I might have liked yellow over gold, but that’s a great looking toy from up here. Can’t wait to see bigger pics.

    And Validus? He wasn’t even on the rumor lists until a few days ago. But Matty said they’d kick off the Legion in a big way – we should have known!

  • Kilodog

    This wave looks excellent! I can’t wait for the Fall!

    BUT I DON’T HAVE A K-MART!!!!!!!

  • Hemlock

    Any guesses on the Martian weapon hand?

  • Stolka

    On the Fwoosh, they said Batman had a new open mouth head! That’s cool.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Hmm, OK well I’m down for MM definitely, Jemm probably also (just looks cool!) and then Raven.

    The rest are probably passes, though GP could definitely tempt me if I see him in person on the shelves.

    And yeah Validus looks to be sickly rad, if these were still $10 a piece I’d get him without question.
    As it stands, I may try to hunt down the missing pieces . . .

    I don’t know about that Bats, usually I’m down for any 4H Bats figure, but this one feels like a variant for variant’s sake.

    • Deathmask

      It is! At least if it were the purple costume it would be comic accurate. Now, it just belongs beside that crappy purple catwoman.

    • GP is gonna be like Cyclotron where that original design really sings under the 4H’s work.

  • AdventureVault

    Where my Zebra Batman at Mattel?

    • Deathmask

      That’s barely better than the made up Batman we’re getting.

      How about a new character?

      • AdventureVault

        We’re going to get Batman variants no matter what. I’d just prefer they be a little more “useful” I guess. Zebra, Zur-En-Arrh, 1 Million require such little work and at least I know where they are going on my shelf. Where the heck am I going to but SC Batman, with the good guys or villains?

  • Megatherium

    They now have larger Images, just in case no one has noticed: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=171308&id=57309659843

    I’d have to say I like all the figures in the Set, I love Martian Manhunter and Golden Pharaoh, I’m a huge Jack Kirby Junkie so I love OMAC, even with his huge head (hopefully it’s not that large) 🙂 The only thing that’s not doing it for me is the Collect and Connect. He’s kinda “meh” for me.

    • You can access larger images by clicking on the images in the table above. 😉

      I decided to make my own thumbnails from the bigger pictures since the thumbnails they provided were awkward too. LOL

      J’onn, ol’ Ashley Halberstam and Jemm are my three favorites! Omac’s head is about 12-15% too big, on the large image it appears to have been photoshopped on and not quite reduced to the proper size.

  • Rich

    Does that Batman look …fat?

    I know, I know; the ring adds like, 50 pounds…

  • el mariachi

    A) do we have to call him “sinestro corps fatman?”
    B) why does omac look a hydrocephalic hugo weaving?
    C) i like jemm’s hands… so much so, you could say they were truly outrageous!
    D) so… is raven… SURE?
    E) validus looks like freiza form 3… is that a coincidence?
    F) shouldn’t j’onn in his alien form look more alien?
    the starmen collectively look like the cream of this crop… and martian manhunter looks very good, but i can’t tell if that’s the quality of the figure speaking, or the “oasis in the desert effect talking

    • Omac’s head was photoshopped on. When you expand the iamge you can see the ‘stress’ marks. He’ll be sharp on the final product.

      Jemm is the best figure in the wave, but I’m biased. 😉

  • wooo…. Martian Manhunter

  • DCFett

    I hope they do something with Raven’s cape. She’s a “fan choice” so they should confer with the fans on how she’s going to look. Maybe have two capes? This look just isnt working.
    The rest of the line is da bomb tho…cept I’m not too happy about Bats, but ALL the rest are sweet!

    • I hate the flared on the cape on the DCD one! She’s be much cooler if it were just down around her shoulders.

      Maybe the toy-design thinking is that they can’t drape her in it closed and they don’t want it to go back off the shoulders, so they’re happy to take advantage of her character-specific ability to have it up in the air.

  • Motorthing

    Jonn…..I can finally complete the classic JLA by the 4H…..so I guess that’s happy dance time!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Gns

    Most interesting thing about this wave is the Starman isn’t Thom Kallor. Which is a good thing, I got the DCD JSA figure last year and its a great figure. But repeating releases amongst the 2 companies is redundant and kills opportunities to fill the remaining slots (just endless re-releases of Superman/Batman and their respective variants) before Wave 25 ends the line. Barring any renewal of course.

    • I was really expecting him. In a way, I wish it wasn’t Jack. Jack could have headlined his own spot (remember what they said about Mr. Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite?) while Gavyn and Will Payton are better suited as variants.

  • Gildeft

    Wave 15 looks pretty much waste of money.Nothing really good character expexc C&C Valius he looks nice.Im gonna get only Raven,Sinestro Batman and mayde Martian Manhunter.