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DCClassics.Com: Validus
& Ultra-Humanite Review

This year, I’ve only had the opportunity to review two C&Cs – Darkseid in March & Trigon in July. That’s it for the whole year. After some serious delays, waves 15 and 14 came out virtually ontop of one another. That means this review has a double dose of C&Cs in today’s review: Validus & the Ultra-Humanite.

DCClassics.Com: <br>Raven & Jemm Review

Our fifth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on the last two regular figures in the wave, Jemm, Son of Saturn & the New Teen Titan Raven. They’re an odd pair, they’ve probably never met before today, but they do have one thing in common. They’re both DCUCs that don’t have double fists. How rare is that?

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Bats
& Golden Pharaoh Review

Starman (Jack & Ted) Review

Our look at DC Universe Classics Wave 15 continues with not one, but two Starmen figures – the Golden Age Starman and his son and successor, Jack Knight. As a big fan of the Golden Age and its legacy characters, I was excited for both figures, but only one really met my expectations.

Martian Manhunter Review

It’s been months since we wrapped up DCUC13, DCUC14 is still MIA, but DCUC15 has is starting to trickle in. Weird time to be a DCUC collector. Now, it’s been a couple weeks since my last review and I’m a little out of practice. Please bear with me as we look at Martian Manhunter & his variant.

Amusing Articulations:
Starman, Are You Crying?

Starman’s got a… gun?

At SDCC, the DCUC15 Starman from was a little off. Due to logistics, he was temporarily sporting Obsidian’s cape. He was also holding a pistol which many of us assumed to be a case of ‘booth error’. Now though, Starman has arrived and he’s still got that pistol. We weren’t sure of its origin, so we turned to the Four Horsemen