36 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations:
Starman, Are You Crying?

  1. As you can tell, DCUC15 has arrived at IAT. Well, most if it anyway. Reviews will begin next week (though I imagine Jemm’s and Jack’s will be later than the others, pending replacements).

    Sorry for the lack of upates this week, there’s a wedding this weekend… mine!

    As you can imagine, it’s been a little crazy around here lately!

    1. I have a feeling the reviews aren’t going to be very shining this time…

      What’s that quote Toy Guru always repeats about quality control?

    2. Congrats on the wedding!! That’s great!!

      I’m glad BBTS is sending you replacements! Can’t wait for the reviews!

  2. I don’t find that amusing at all. I’d be pissed!!

    And congrats on the nuptials! I’ve been married for six years. It’s an adventure every day. LOL

  3. Hmmm… the Noisy Devil marrying the Silent Angel? Sounds fixed to me!! 😉

    Congrats, you two! 😀

  4. congrats! next year is my 5th anniversary.. and I really hope my wave 15 figs don’t end up messed up… I’m not sure when they come

    1. That’s logistics!

      Isn’t funny how UPS logistics is all about things working and being on time and Mattel’s logistics are all about screw ups?

  5. congrats again noisy, to you and sil… i’ve been married five years, but been in her guts for 10, and truthfully… i wish someone would have warned me. :p

    as for the figs, man, i’d be one pisseddvl5 if i were you… sick mr rant on ’em, that’ll learn ’em!

  6. wait. he’s crying because his staff is missing, right? i never pay attention when carded pics are released so i have no idea what i should be expecting here.

  7. Don’t do it man! The Hub goes live on Sunday so your already booked. (Sil is going to kill me). Sorry to see issues with 15 but it sounds like customer service is all over it and getting you taken care of.

  8. That many issues in one assortment? That is strait up BS! Need me to make some calls?

    Congrats on your impending doom…er, I mean, marital bliss. Me and the little woman will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on the 14th of this month, and it’s also our 19th anniversary of being together.

    I wish you crazy kids all the luck that we’ve had and more! =)

    1. LOL. No calls, I’m all set.

      Congrats on the five years!! And 19 overall? Wow! Sil and I have been together for nearly eight total.


  9. First up, straight up Congratulations Noisy! Finding someone who can put up with toy madness is a rare, special thing, so even tho I don’t really know you, I think something good is going on, and I’m happy for the two of you!

    She’s gonna get her own column now, right? 🙂

    As to the toys. Wow. I suspect the reviews are going to have a bitter, brutal taste to them. I don’t see how in any way this is considered ‘passed QC’ material.

    OK, I don’t get the Batman thing so maybe that’s a riff on a re-used and useless item but the other things. Wow. just wow.

    1. I think he’s ticked that the yellow energy constructs are of a much more opaque, milky-looking quality than the GL constructs, which are much translucent.

        1. Thanks!

          And yeah, this construct doesn’t match the other SC constructs so far (Karu-Sil’s father), but then again the yellow uniforms don’t match either. Boo.

  10. Man…I’m trying to work myself up for Starman, especially since the DC Direct one is sooooo dated. And I actually walked around with his star badge on my jacket. But the character hasn’t been around for years.

    1. You had the badge? That’s awesome! I always wanted one. I have the variant figure… I never opened it though. It was hard to get at first, my comic shop guy who didn’t read or know Starman thought the variant was cool so he took it.

      I loved that book at the time, but Robinson has soured me in recent years. I with the 4H gave him a full goatee.

  11. I guess I was lucky when I got my set from BBTS! They all had good paint apps and all their accessories! Although…Raven had Suck Elbows, A stuck left bicep, a stuck left hip, classic Starman had both stuck hips…Sinestro Corps Batman has a stuck hip as well…All of em came unstuck after some time in the FREEZER, except for Batman…Still need to attempt some “surgery” on him, methinks…
    I really do think that this is one of the best series of the year, and ALL OF THEIR HEADS MOVE WELL!!!!! Cept for OMAC. I blame his awesome Mohawk… 😀

  12. so noisey, what are you going to to with the messed up one? are you going to keep them? or sell them? i know its not the right place to post this but i would really like to buy the jack knight figure from you. i don’t mind that he’s missing his staff and i don’t need the c+c peice either since i just want the figure. let me know.

  13. Congrats on your wedding! Best wishes to both of you!

    Sorry to hear (and see) about your figures.

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