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October 1st Edition

Most Requested Figures:
Justice Legion A

Even though our Requests article isn’t on a regular basis this year, we still want to dust it off now and again to give the companines ideas for figures fans might like to see. Normally, I don’t bring up DC Universe Classics because Matty’s doing a decent job. But after Toy Fair, an idea came to me that I wanted to share.

Starman (Jack & Ted) Review

Our look at DC Universe Classics Wave 15 continues with not one, but two Starmen figures – the Golden Age Starman and his son and successor, Jack Knight. As a big fan of the Golden Age and its legacy characters, I was excited for both figures, but only one really met my expectations.

Amusing Articulations:
Starman, Are You Crying?

Starman’s got a… gun?

At SDCC, the DCUC15 Starman from was a little off. Due to logistics, he was temporarily sporting Obsidian’s cape. He was also holding a pistol which many of us assumed to be a case of ‘booth error’. Now though, Starman has arrived and he’s still got that pistol. We weren’t sure of its origin, so we turned to the Four Horsemen