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Starman’s got a… gun?

At SDCC, the DCUC15 Starman was a little off. Due to logistics, he was temporarily sporting Obsidian’s cape. He was also holding a pistol which many of us assumed to be a case of ‘booth error’. Now, Starman has arrived and he’s still got that pistol. We weren’t sure of its origin, so we turned to the Four Horsemen.

We don’t have Starman yet, but for a good upclose image of the pistol (along with some more great shots of Starman) check out this first look on the Fwoosh.

When the issue of the pistol came up, I had some vague recollections of him using one, but it was nothing I could place. And I could have easily been getting it confused with Phantom Lady’s pistol. I scoured the net looking for pics or information, but I only found that it was called a ‘Stellar Energy Pistol’ and even that was only in reference to the toy and not the comics. I simply didn’t know the origin of the pistol.

So I sought the wise counsel of the 4 Horsemen…

We always thought that the little hip pouch he’s got on his belt was to carry the Star Rod, but often when he’s drawn, even though he’s carrying the rod in his hand, you can see that there’s still something in his pouch.

We kept wondering what the heck it could be that he was carrying in his pouch when he had the Star Rod already in his hand?

Then we found the attached image. We also found another image where he’s wielding both the pistol and the Rod while streaking skyward, but we can’t seem to locate it right now.


Pictured at right is the image the 4 Horsemen provided, the cover to Starman #42 from 1998. If you’re not familiar with this comic, it was a special “Times Past” issue that featured a story centered around the original Starman, Ted Knight, and his coming to grips with the otherworldly nature of the DC Universe.

Before this issue, Ted contended that his magic-based teammates, Spectre & Dr. Fate, were merely manipulating energies that he didn’t understand. Enter Etrigan. This issue tested Ted’s faith in the rules of science and set him on the path towards his breakdown over his involvement in creating the atom bomb.

Typically, Times Past issues lined up with something in the present timeline of the title, but you’ll have to forgive me as I don’t remember this particular connection. I remember the issue after is where the 90s Starman met the JLA and got his spaceship while the story before involved Matt O’Dare learning of his past lives. All three are good stories, but I’m not sure of the association anymore.

While the internal art, by Matt Smith (pictured at left), doesn’t depict the pistol the same as it is on the Tony Harris cover, it’s somewhat similar. The Tony Harris design is more compelling, so I’m glad to see the Four Horsemen started with that in mind.

Special thanks to the Four Horsemen for taking the time to give us some background on this cool accessory!

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Starman’s got a… gun?