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    1. It’s making fun of Mattel and their use of “logistics” as a blanket answer for why they can’t do this or that.

  1. I think a couple companies should take note of this little ditty. Companies with names that rhyme with Gattel and Figital Liver, maybe?

    1. Guru said that something on the Mattel end caused the delay.

      If we only get 12,13,14, & 15 we’re short a wave this year, so I wonder if next year will be heavy or if everything is bumped back.

  2. So…

    At UPS logistics is a happy thing that makes everything work.

    At Mattel it’s why nothing works?


  3. this was a little slice of heaven, for sure and for certain. man, i used to work at fed ex, and i will say this, if they were ever as FUBAR as mattel seems to be, i just don’t know how they’d be in business.

  4. We need a Matty version of that song… sung by Matty… or TG if he likes karaoke
    Style retired,
    no extra heads,
    same old swords,
    buy the sub
    that’s logistics

    no tiered subs,
    refresh screen,
    No playsets,
    buy the sub
    that’s logistics

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