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DC Classics.Com Batman
Legacy Wave One Review


When I’m choosing what to review, I gravitate towards toys I like or figures I want to get done while folks are still talking about it. It usually works great, but it causes some figures I don’t particularly care about to fall off the radar. Enter

Vault Review: Apache Chief
Week – DC Classics Toyman


Out of all the teams in the DC Universe, I never thought the Legion of Doom would be completed before the end of the line. But with the addition of DCUC18’s Toyman we now have a complete roster to go up against their Superfriends counterparts. Our 30

Apache Chief Week:
DC Classics Samurai Review


Another DCUC wave has arrived at IAT and that means it’s time for another Theme Week! All week long Vault and I will be taking a look at the figures from DC Universe Classics Wave 18 – the Apache Chief Wave. Today, I’m kicking things off with

Wave 14 Tyr Review

tyrTN Even with being a lifelong DC Comics reader, there are portions of the DC Universe that I haven't had time or, at least, made a point to get to. The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of those areas. I know the basics, the characters, the history, but I can't say I've ever read a Legion comic that featured Tyr.

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Bats
& Golden Pharaoh Review


Our fourth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on Golden Pharaoh and Sinestro Corps Batman. These two are alike in that neither has a true spot in the DC Universe, but their translation into DC Classics is a tale of two toys. One a fantastic update

Ask Matty
August 16th Edition

askmTN Since GB2 Winston (w/ slimeblower) appears to be a WIP can we expect to see the full chest harness for the slimeblower on the final figure?

Ask Matty - February 1st Edition

Ask MattyFebruary 1st, 2010

ItsAllTrueReview: A Tale of Two Steppenwolfs