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Gentle Giant Jumbo Super Powers Wonder Woman & Batman: TAS Joker

DC Classics.Com Batman
Legacy Wave One Review


When I’m choosing what to review, I gravitate towards toys I like or figures I want to get done while folks are still talking about it. It usually works great, but it causes some figures I don’t particularly care about to fall off the radar. Enter

Vault Review: Apache Chief
Week – DC Classics Toyman


Out of all the teams in the DC Universe, I never thought the Legion of Doom would be completed before the end of the line. But with the addition of DCUC18’s Toyman we now have a complete roster to go up against their Superfriends counterparts. Our

Apache Chief Week:
DC Classics Samurai Review


Another DCUC wave has arrived at IAT and that means it’s time for another Theme Week! All week long Vault and I will be taking a look at the figures from DC Universe Classics Wave 18 – the Apache Chief Wave. Today, I’m kicking things off with

Wave 14 Tyr Review


Even with being a lifelong DC Comics reader, there are portions of the DC Universe that I haven’t had time or, at least, made a point to get to. The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of those areas. I know the basics, the characters, the history, but I can’t say I’ve ever read a Legion comic that featured Tyr.

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Bats
& Golden Pharaoh Review


Our fourth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on Golden Pharaoh and Sinestro Corps Batman. These two are alike in that neither has a true spot in the DC Universe, but their translation into DC Classics is a tale of two toys. One a fantastic update

Ask Matty
August 16th Edition


Since GB2 Winston (w/ slimeblower) appears to be a WIP can we expect to see the full chest harness for the slimeblower on the final figure?

Ask Matty - February 1st Edition

Ask MattyFebruary 1st, 2010

ItsAllTrueReview: A Tale of Two Steppenwolfs

It’sAllTrue.Net Custom: DC
Classics Super Powers Mr. Freeze

Today, I thought I would take the opportunity to show off one of my DC Classics customs: Mr. Freeze in Super Powers Colors.

Mantis and Mantis

Third in our five-part series featuring the ninth wave of DC Universe Classics, this review covers Mantis and his variant, Mantis.

It’sAllTrueReview: DC Classics Wonder Twins (SDCC Week!)

Seventh in our ten part series featuring the 2009 SDCC exclusives, this review covers the DC Classics Wonder Twins.

The Wonder Twins. The very name can strike fond memories or loathing in the heart of any DC fan. They’re the product of the 1977 All-New Super Friends Hour, one of

It’sAllTrueReview: DC Classics Parademons!

Fourth in our five part series featuring the eighth wave of DC Universe Classics, this review covers the red and green Parademons.

To be completely forthcoming about my red Parademon review, I need to tell you all something. Tomorrow, I’ll be 29 years old. I tell you this because

Friday Five: Links You
Need to Know About