Mattel Non-NYCC Coverage:
MOTU & DC Classics Updates

Even though Mattel couldn't make it NYCC this weekend, that didn't stop them from making a splash in the headlines. Amidst the great pictures being beamed back of DC Direct's Batman, Inc line and MU Cable (complete with Baby Jean!) came a slew of pics and updated info on Mattel's collector lines.

MOTUClassics.Com: Weapons Pak Review

The MOTU Weapons Pak. I never had one as a kid. A black marker and the sacrifice of Zodac's gear was the closest I ever got. When MOTU Classics took off, I hoped Mattel would resurrect the idea of a weapons pak. One of the main reasons was because I hoped it would include an orange shield and axe for Faker. This first weapons pak, labeled Heroic Warriors, doesn't have those, but it still has plenty of cool pieces. Still, how do you review 19 weapons? We weren't sure. They're all sturdy and painted well. What else? Well, when we can't be informative here at IAT, we turn to cheap humor. Here's 15 Minutes at the MattyCollector Weapon Shop.