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MOTU Classics End of Wars
Weapons Pak Review

SDCC Armchair Coverage:
MOTU Classics Preview

MOTUClassics.Com Review:
Great Wars Weapons Pak

Okay, this review is a little late. The Great Wars Weapons Pak was released back in November, but the holidays kept me a little too busy to haul out the store and the review fell back on the schedule. I had some time last week during Dorkey’s Japan coverage and the Great Wars Pak finally get its time in the spotlight.

Mattel Non-NYCC Coverage:
MOTU & DC Classics Updates

Even though Mattel couldn’t make it NYCC this weekend, that didn’t stop them from making a splash in the headlines. Amidst the great pictures being beamed back of DC Direct’s Batman, Inc line and MU Cable (complete with Baby Jean!) came a slew of pics and updated info on Mattel’s collector lines.

Ask Matty
October 15th Edition

Ask Matty October 15th Edition

Ask Matty
August 16th Edition

Since GB2 Winston (w/ slimeblower) appears to be a WIP can we expect to see the full chest harness for the slimeblower on the final figure?

MOTUClassics.Com: Weapons Pak Review