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Great Wars Weapons Pak

Okay, this review is a little late. The Great Wars Weapons Pak was released back in November, but the holidays kept me a little too busy to haul out the store and the review fell back on the schedule. I had some time last week during Dorkey’s Japan coverage and the Great Wars Pak finally get its time in the spotlight.

When Mattel released the first Weapons Pak back in April of last year, I had this overly ambitious idea to do the review in one long strip at an unassuming weapons store somewhere on Eternia. The review ended up being a lot more popular than I’d expected, so “the store” became a fixture for later looks at other weapons like this Spymonkey Review. With the release of the second Weapons Pack, it was only natural to return to the store once again…

Like the Ultimate Battleground Weapons Pak, this set included 19 weapons. While this set included a few choice items, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first. I took out a handful of the weapons in November, but most of them were still in the package when I decided to review it last week.

This was one of the items I was happy to get. I enjoy the MO2Kesque accessories that Randor came with, but I like him just as much with his vintage gold spear (along with SMC’s Shield of Deliverance).

If you’re a longtime IAT reader, you know what two weapons I wanted most from this pak. After a long campaign, we finally have a full set of Weapons for Faker…

…and yes, that means I have to move on to the next request. I’m thinking Battle Armor Faker.

Originally, Adora’s sword came in solid silver. Mattel answered fan requests by releasing it here in the same two-tone colors as the Power Sword.

Another fan requested item, the heavy reuse of parts on Evil Lyn (she only got a new head and accessories) allowed room in the budget for Screech to get his armor and perch. This Weapons Pak brings things full circle, with the armor and perch coming in colors that match early card art for this version of Zoar.

I’m gonna guess that this weapon is here simply because it’s part of the set/mold with Randor’s spear. I don’t dislike the weapon, but I don’t have much use for it in these colors. I’m told it looks good with Optikk in particular though.

Roboto steals a lot of the show in this picture, but the focus here should be on the right with Optikk’s gear in purple & black. Some collectors use these for Trap Jaw, but I think they look pretty cool as extra armament for Orko. At least the gun anyway, getting the shield to stay is a bit tricky.

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15 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com Review:
Great Wars Weapons Pak

  1. Oh no, Roboto!

    Another fine installment of Weapon Shop Theater. The Pak itself looks dull, but you make it more appealing than any commercial would.

  2. I liked this pak a bit netter than the first One…
    Randor’s Spear
    Roboto’s Black Weapons (after painting over CHINA)
    EL’s Long Staff and orb (on a Custom character)
    Merman’s items (repainted copper to look more like the 200X counterpart…)
    Optikk Shield (repainted in KR colors)
    Zoar Stuff
    Faker Weapons
    Optikk gun for a Palace Guard… (a Sniper)

    Short EL, short Wand, Fork and Adora Sword are the unused Items… Well The Adora Sword is with the KG Half Swords in a Diorama, so I guess I’m getting some use out of it…

  3. roboto and the floppy axe suck too. the claw is nice, but really, i think roboto’s accessories look too massive for trap jaw’s arm.

    IDK how to feel about this weapons pak, cuz as you point out, better than half the pieces are complete wastes of time. truth be told, i didn’t even care for the perch for zoar, since i have the vintage birds still and the huge scale of them holds up better w/ the motucs that the tiny little things the series is actually giving us.

    that said, it’s greatest virtue was for custom fodder. and the price is a tad steep for fodder bits.

  4. oh, and if we’re advocating for MORE faker gear… might i request a faker mecha-sword? cuz really… doesn’t the mechanical he-sword make more sense for faker?

  5. I passed on both weapons paks, and both times I’ve regretted it. Damn! I’m a sucker for anything in black and purple, so I’m feeling a need for those Optikk weapons.

    Love the evil Roboto (“Ro-bad-to”! Huh? Okay, maybe not…) especially the cracked and stained transparent torso.

    The upcoming Rack looks kinda dull and fills me with zero excitement (I clearly haven’t learned my ‘don’t pass or you’ll regret it’ lesson) but I’m eagerly awaiting the return of the weapons store!

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