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The MOTU Weapons Pak. I never had one as a kid. A black marker and the sacrifice of Zodac’s gear was the closest I ever got. When MOTU Classics took off, I hoped Mattel would resurrect the idea of a weapons pak. One of the main reasons was because I hoped it would include an orange shield and axe for Faker. This first weapons pak, labeled Heroic Warriors, doesn’t have those, but it still has plenty of cool pieces. Still, how do you review 19 weapons? We weren’t sure. They’re all sturdy and painted well. What else? Well, when we can’t be informative here at IAT, we turn to cheap humor. Here’s 15 Minutes at the MattyCollector Weapon Shop.

Just a normal day at the Matty Weapon Shop. Opened up at 12 noon…

The vintage Hordak carried a white crossbow. In Classics, we now have it in black & silver.

Does this gray Webstor rifle lead to Rotar’s accident and subsequent freak Man-At-Arm surgery? Who knows…

I always thought that the Coridite from the 200x pilot looked like Star Trek dilithium crystals.

Tri-Klops original package art depicted him with a silver blade and gold hilt while the figure came with an all-green weapon.

I like the neon green well enough, but this recreation from the Castle Grayskull Weapons rack befits Scareglow.

I feel Skeletor’s pain. Hopefully, the 200x Skeletor dual blade will find a home somewhere in Classics.

A quick custom from leftover parts. How cool would it be if he had blue wings? Yeah…

I had hoped to put this updated yellow Beast Man armor on Moss Man, but it looks weird. Some fans like it on Wun-Dar.

The silver mace is a nod to the original weapons pak, but it doesn’t work as well with the vine and wood textures.

Prince Adam carries a magenta sword, but we all know our Dads would call it pink.

To add to Skeletor’s frustration, we now have the 200x power sword in it’s “anime” color scheme.

I don’t mind the color really, but it has no place. I wish I had a smaller Zodac head to make this a real custom.

The blue sword and and axe were included in the vintage pak, the shield simply completes the set.

A job well done.

Overall, I was very happy with the weapons pak. The only problem I have with it was that every individual piece has the copyright stamp on it in white lettering. Other than that, everything with the set is great.

As you can see, I like to make up my own figures when it comes to MOTU. I did that as a kid and I’m doing it again as an adult. The buck system and the minor paint changes (then & now) make it easier for the customs to blend in better than they do in other lines. The ability to give my redecoed creations redecoed accessories is where this weapon’s pak really shines. With the quick sellout, I hope more Paks are in the cards (a Villains pack next time?). I still want that orange shield and axe…

Here’s a complete inventory of the weapons pak with the origins of the pieces…

  • Hordak’s Crossbow in white. Based on the accessory that came with the vintage Hordak.
  • Webstor’s rifle in grey. Based on the accessory included in the original Weapons Pak.
  • Silver/Blue Pistol and small Sword. Originally intended for Kronis, but cut due to cost considerations.
  • Tri-Klops Sword in gold/silver. First featured on the package art for Tri-Klops.
  • Scareglow’s halberd in grey. Based on the accessory included in the Grayskull Weapons Rack.
  • Beast Man’s whip in red. The vintage Pak had a second black whip. This redeco is a homage to Blade’s whip in the MOTU movie.
  • Strato’s jetpack in red. A nod to the reversed colors on some vintage Stratos.
  • Beast Man’s armor in brownish yellow. Based on the armor included in the original Weapons Pak.
  • Moss Man’s mace in silver. Based on the accessory included in the original Weapons Pak.
  • 200x He-Man sword in show accurate colors.
  • Cosmic Enforcer gear in purple. Wun-Dar has the black gear from the vintage pak, so Mattel chose a new color.
  • Shield, Axe, and Sword in Blue. The axe & sword are based on the accessories included in the original Weapons Pak. The shield completes the trio.

47 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com: Weapons Pak Review

  1. I can’t tell which figures are ‘Shops and which are real customs!

    The ice-themed Adora is cool (no pun intended). What do you call her?

    1. LOL Thanks!

      -Pre-Op Rotar is a quick shop. I was going to just have him be a random palace guard, but I figured if I left his colors the same, some folks would just see Duncan.

      -The Feral Avion is a quick custom. He was just leftover pieces after I made…

      -Orangutan Stratos is an intentional custom. I wanted a tribe of birdmen that lost their wings long ago and learned to live off the land. I haven’t been able to settle on a name for him yet.

      -Zo Lyn is mostly a shop. It’s Adora’s dress on Evil Lyn, which was leftover after I made…

      -“Ice Adora” as you call her. She doesn’t have a name yet. I just wanted to diversify my shelf a bit. I was going to repaint the details on the dress so it’s not just Evil Lyn’s, but she looks good with light blue gear, so now I’m not sure what to do…

  2. Geez, man…

    That Lyn/Adora Zodac girl is pretty hot. How much smaller would the helmet need to be?

    1. 😀

      Um, just a little maybe? I gave some thought to having some hair stick out the helmet, it might excuse the bulk. Sadly, I photoshopped a figure that I can’t really customize and it turned out way cool…

  3. The red whip is an homage to the laser whip that I believe Blade had in the 1987 movie.

      1. That handful of movie figures will be interesting. They’ll be updated, but I imagine they have to steer clear of movie likenesses.

  4. Great review. Really love the photoshops on the colors of characters.

    Skeletor complaining about the swords was perfect though. Kudos.

    1. LOL Yeah, I imagine we’ll get a ‘traditional’ mace at some point, but Mattel jumped the gun on that piece for the weapons pack.

      What I really would’ve liked to have seen, now that I think about is for them to produce the Pak later and bring it to market quicker so it could include a few teaser weapons in mismatched colors.

  5. How about some pink/magenta skeletor armor for faker (to match the original cardback art).

  6. the nice thing about the weapons being odd colored (like to zodac gear) is that weapons are easier to repaint than figures… you don’t have to shade areas or have multiple tones. so for example, the pink zodac pistol is going to red by the weekend and zodac is now a real gunslinger. he’s no rio blast, but he certainly brings a lot more firepower to the table than he used to.

      1. well, i can’t attest for the cell vinyl paints, i haven’t tried those yet, but i do know that dye lasts forever… get some rit dye and just try to get in the ballpark of what you’d like to paint the weapon… the handle will be mostly obscured by the hand anyway.

        also, if you let plasti-dip fully cure (give it an hour or so) that stuff is almost implacable. or do a quick wrap in duct tape for a mechanical look.

        1. I’ve RIT dyed a couple times, it’s okay.

          One of the fun things about these MOTU customs is being able to paint the non-moving parts and have it work out pretty well without much hassle. I’m really happy with my orangutan Stratos even if he might seem a little redundant.

  7. Now this may seem like an obvious question, but why is it called the “weapons pak”? Is this a reference to the original, and if so, why was “pack” mispelt then?

  8. Awesome stuff! Lots of cool ideas. I will definitely switch out Scareglow’s weapon. I saw a pic of Wun-Dar with the gold Beast armor over on and I will say it looks awesome. Makes me wish I had a WD, but I’m going to look into making my own version. Eternian loaf be damned!

  9. Best Pak review I’ve seen!!! Must have taken ages to setup the scene, storyboard and photos. I also like the Lego counter!

  10. Great job on this one Noisy! Quite possibly the funniest one yet. I have to ask, Where did you get the corridite crystal?

    1. It’s a Playmates Star Trek dilithium crystal, circa ’92. Like most of the accessories, it came in a variety of colors. 🙂

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