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I was going review the Map of Eternia, but yesterday, I made my daily visit to AFP and was blown away. Samuron & his wife put together an amazing device that lets you explore Eternia. Even if you don’t care about the map, it’s just fun to play with! I’m still disappointed by the back of the map having no real secrets (it featured a small Bio for Eternia that only solidified what past bios had inferred), but playing with AFP’s Eternian Map makes up for it. It might even be better than looking at the real thing. He-Man Fan or not you have to check it out.

6 thoughts on “ActionFigurePics.Com – Map of Eternia Viewer

  1. i’m going to disappoint everyone who liked the map in two suggestions, cuz my map would have ten time cooler… ready?

    a scale!


    under the “map” portion of the image, procrustus in the background in the vitruvium man ( pose holding the map page open.

    screw you mattel.

    1. The map could definitely be better. I like what they started, but it feels like they didn’t do much more than start.

      The scale thing is funny. The primary method of transportation is cat, yet Snake Mountain and Eternos are on opposite sides of the planet. You could say it’s really small, but it’d have to be awfully dense to make up for it.

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