Vault Review: Soul of Chogokin Big O Accessory Kit

Last year, Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin line produced a Big O figure. It is undoubtedly the best figure that Big O will ever get. The only downside was that it was very expensive and difficult to obtain for those outside Japan. But as a truly dedicated, or according to my girlfriend, an insane, Big O Fan, I had to have it. But I wasn’t done. Bandai also offered an exclusive accessories pack to the people who ordered their Big O figures through the Chogokin website. This made the accessory pack equally expensive and even harder to obtain for us non-Japanese citizens. Of course, I still had to have it.

The piece I was most surprised by is the extra standard head. With a more content and self-assured expression on his face, this replacement has more character than the original. I think the original is based on Big O’s initial look while the new head represents how his looked evolved throughout the show. Although more expressive, the second head does have one drawback. The larger, stylized bolts prevent the cockpit piece from opening fully. To me, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make since he’ll be primarily posed with his cockpit shut. The replacement head is the only one I use.

The second head in the accessory kit depicts Big O’s archetype look. It was briefly seen in the animated series while Norman was replacing his damaged face plate. The detail on this head is more intricate than the other two, but less practical. It’s one of those accessories I enjoy having, but ultimately don’t know what to do with.

Originally, the Big O figure came with two pairs of hands: fists and open hands with a slight curve. They were both welcome additions, particularly with the articulated fingers, but the curved hands kept the figure from being able to make some signature poses from the series. Luckily, the accessory pack includes two straight hands. My Big can finally activate his Chromebuster mode.

The O-Thunder arms are easily the most dynamic part of this set. They open up in four sections to show the inner mechanics and include a hand that’s been retracted into the arm. There are two translucent props that hold the energy ring in place and serve as the plug-in for some energy bolts. When in place, all these pieces work together to depict the O-Thunder attack and make for some great action poses. If you really want some overkill though, both arms can be equipped with the attack at the same time.

The Moby Dick Anchors were more intricate than I expected, starting with the four real chains designed to fit into the waist piece of Big O. Then, the business end had not one, but three different anchors. The first is the normal arrow type most used in the show. Second, is the rocket type with extended wings and visible boosters. The last one is similar to a rocket type except the head is now opened into a clamp or claw.

The accessory I was most excited about was Roger’s car, the Griffon. Although this little car is just slightly longer than an inch, it’s one of the most detailed accessories I’ve ever seen. Molded in black and painted metallic silver over the windows and chrome/metallic parts, the Griffon is sleek and every bit as stylish as Big O himself. The really amazing part is there’s absolutely no slop. Even the smallest details like the hood ornament or the door handle are clean and accurate. If only this kind of precision could be duplicated for other toy lines. Another reason I was happy to get the Griffon is because now the foot garage in Big O finally has a use.

All of these accessories can be nicely displayed with a base that comes with the set. It can be connected to the base that came with the Big O figure, and matches it perfectly. There are also four extended arms that can attach to Big O’s base. These arms allow you to give the impression that Big O is anchored to his base with the chains. Last, but not least, is an extra plate which the Griffon sits on. This plate replaces the one sitting between Big O’s feet.

I’m really happy with this accessory pack, but I know it’s not for everyone. The first problem is finding one. The second is the price. If you are keen to picking this up, you’ll be lucky to find if for under $150. Since you don’t need these parts to enjoy the extremely well made Big O figure, this accessory pack is just very expensive icing on the already expensive cake.

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  1. so remind me again, what the total price tag for this wishlist item? cuz it’s sweet, but YIKES!

    on the plus side, a great review w/ pics where i can see all the details!! very nice vaulty!

  2. Who does these weird name translations? Big O??? That name along has various connotations… I guess it must be the innocent Japanese themselves…

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