SDCC Armchair Coverage:
MOTU Classics Preview

One of the nice things about Preview Night the last couple years is that the folks at Mattel really believe their panels must be an embarassment of riches. So much so, that they happily drop plenty of MOTU reveals on Preview Night. In some cases it’s the simple reveal of items we previously knew about, but there are also a fun few surprises – particularly items not in the sub. Here’s a quick rundown of what Matty had on display last night:

Geldor: Fan’s Choice Winner

Geldor won the Fan’s Choice contest last year, edging out Illumina, so he’s an example of a character we already knew was on the way (he should ship in November). Admittedly, he wasn’t a figure I was looking forward to, but he’s been growing on me ever since Mattel released the above picture. I’d like to see a little more detail on the armor, of course, but the head sculpt looks great and really sells the figure. Check out the the forum for better shots of the accessories.


Presumbly in the Filmation subscription, Nepthu appeared in one episode of the original cartoon. The Filmation characters are still a bit underdetailed (anime hypo-detailed??), but I do love his accessories.

End of Wars Weapons Pak

Another non-subscription item, the Weapons Pak was full of pleasant surprises. Kowl is the one being most talked about (and debated – he’s toy colors instead of cartoon colors), but Rattlor’s armor and Strobo’s rifle are also all-new items that are included. Some fun repaints round out the set, including a blue sowrd for Netossa, Hurricane Hordak’s attachments in black for Trap Jaw and Trap Jaw’s accessories in grey for Roboto, Laser Lot’s gear in normal grey, a gold mix of basic weapons from Stinkor, Moss Man, Buzz-Off, and the Palace Guards. Finally, the set is rounded otu with a neon green set of He-Man’s gear. I’m not sure what the intention is on the last one, but it looks kinda snazzy?

Sky High w/ the Sky Sled

There were two things that brought a big smile to my face tonight and this was one of them. While I want Rio Blast & Two-Bad as much as anyone, I was very disppointed when the line was reworked to give “A-listers” priority at the cost of characters like Red Beast. Screw that, frankly. Luckily, Mattel didn’t let me down with the inclusion of Sky High (a.k.a. the Wind Raider Pilot!). We were clamoring for him in the line’s early days – he actually was featured in our Most Requested Column back in 2009 – and I couldn’t be happier that he’s finally on his way this holiday season (out side the subscription, of course). Oh, and yeah, he’s packed with the Four Horsemen’s awesome take on the Sky Sled! This is a hot & unexpected item.


We don’t know the story on Lookee just yet. He’ll presumably be in the line somewhere, but for now the Mattel team will be hiding him around the SDCC booth each day. The first attendee to find him and send the photograph into Mattel wins a free 2014 subscription! BCRDuke was the winner yesterday, spotting Loo-kee hanging out behind a “Batusi” Batman box! Congrats, duke!

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43 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
MOTU Classics Preview

  1. the name Sky-High was brought up in your 2009 column by Freak Studio! Thanks Freak Studio!
    The bio-card u put up is not official by Mattel. Its fan-made Joe Amaro.

      1. LOL, congrats!

        As for your check, we’ll let you know when we get ours for the Super Powers Mr. Freeze (Mattel copied the deco from our custom and then used our pic to market the figure to retailers).

  2. Yay for Sky High! Thank you ItsAllTrue for coming up with the name in 2009!

    Though that bio-card you put up is unfortunately not an official one by Mattel. You can see it’s fan-made because the yellow backdrop is edited.

  3. Still very annoyed that Nepthu took up a slot instead of Lizard Man, Strongarm, or the like, but I can’t really fault the figure itself, and I like the diamond Zoar.

    Thrilled about Sky-High and the Sky Sled. Now, if only they’d make a Battle Ram to attach it to . . . .

    Kowl & Loo-kee are two more I can cross off my list (and considering repaints in Weapons Paks, I wouldn’t be surprised if a cartoon-colours Kowl shows up within a year). Weapons Pak in general looks great. Perhaps the toxic green He-Man weapons are meant to be “Classicized” New Adventures He-Man weapons?

  4. If you look closely at the back of the Sky Sled, you’ll notice those little plastic tabs that will allow it to connect into the Battle Ram. A possible hint of things to come???

  5. I voted for Geldor and I couldn’t tell who the dude was until I read this post. Duh.

    Ditto for Nepthu. I have zero knowledge of the Filmation-only characters, but he looks like Rama-Tut and there’s translucent bird with him. Good enough for me.

    The Weapons Pak is nice. I’m pretty sure that Kowl will show up in his cartoon colors packed alongside another She-Ra figure.

    Sky High and the Sky Sled drew blanks since I didn’t have that poster as a kid. I thought the Sky Sled was the front half of the Battle Ram which you could fly away in? Nifty surprise, that one.

    Lookee rings a bell, but if he’s from She-Ra’s show, I have little recollection of him. They’d better watch that booth before someone takes off with him instead of shooting a pic.

    All good stuff. Still waiting for Two-Bad.

    1. LOL

      I won’t be terribly familiar with a lot of the Filmation characters either, but as long as they have some redeeming qualities, I’ll make do. I do wish for a little more detail on them though – so many flat, boring surfaces!

      And, yes, the Sky Sled is the front half of the Battle Ram!

      Hopefully, the panel will be the embarassment of riches these early reveals make it out to be…

    2. Rama-Tut? Nah, I commented on Matty’s pic “Go back to Hasbro Booth, ML Sphinx, you are drunk!”
      I think I got EIGHT likes last time I checked/got notified?

  6. The golden weapons from this new pak were pictured on the Granamyr box art with a label that indicated “Accessories not available”

    Well, now they will be! Hooray!

  7. I thought the Sky Sled and Pilot are the holiday item that IS included in the sub, since they figured we’d want it anyway. No?

      1. I assume the year-end item and holiday item are the same. And I believe in one of TG’s recent videos he said (this was before the sub went on sale, I believe) that this was going to be included in the sub since it’s a “vintage figure” and they assumed we’d want it. Or something to that effect. Only thing is that item is $35, and I don’t see the sled and pilot being $35, especially when it says TBD on the card in front of the display.

        1. You’re talking about the 2014 item, that’s included in the purchase price of that subscription.

          This year is already locked down, so the Jet Sled can’t be included.

          1. Oh snap! Where is my brain? See what happens when we concern ourselves with the fate of 2014? Live in the now! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. What depresses me is the use of the words “The final MOTUC Weapons Pak” (my italics).

    So much potential in those things, getting out formerly budget-cut accessories and nifty recolours. }Sigh.{

    1. Yeah, I was wondering. I think it’s possible it could be more to do with it being the battle pack for the “last war”, but it could be the last one too. Who knows.

  9. Start breaking out the flats for the Weapons Shop and prep that gal for her makeup call, Noisy!

    The neon green He-Man weapons scream ‘SNAKE!’ to me for some reason. Either Snake Fighter He-Man (not QUITE Snake Armor, see?) or something very silly, like Snake Controlled Faker.

  10. I believe the ultra green power sword, axe, and shield are for Demo-Man.

    Either that, or a possible future Slime Pit Green He-Man…but that’s purely speculation.

  11. Noisy, I’m confused by these two statements:
    “I was very disppointed when the line was reworked to give โ€œA-listersโ€ priority at the cost of characters like Red Beast. Screw that, frankly.”

    “I wonโ€™t be terribly familiar with a lot of the Filmation characters either”

    Then what is is that you’re looking for? Mini comic characters? The majority of us remember the cartoon over those small stories. 200x figures? Angling for a dead cartoon is very difficult (ask any JLU collector). For most of us, it’s 1am and the party is dying down. This line can’t go 15-20 years, interest naturally dwindles and Mattel’s business policies haven’t helped. It’s $40 shipped if you want an Icer from their site. With the usual yearly price hike, how many will pay $43 for Nepthu? Would you really want an all red Beast man and not get a complete classics set from the old toy line?

    1. I don’t even care about mini-comics characters either. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I really just want which ones catch my fancy, which ones would make cool toys, which ones have something interesting or clever about them, or just something crazy, like Sky High. To me, there’s nothing more boring than just recrafting the vintage line (and I’m a horridly nostalgic collector…).

      Red Beast, isn’t a red Beast Man. He’d be a whole new deal – and we were going to get him until the line was reworked; he’s been one of the few that cut names that Scott dropped. And he would make an awesome, unique toy on the shelves (as long as they didn’t use fur, that wouldn’t be cool).

      Anyway, if it were up to me, I would rather have Red Beast or Fear-O (who they can’t do anyway) or Sky High than some of the Morts from the Vintage Line.

      On the bright side, with things like the Fighting Foe Men & Sky High getting released, my “concept” list has pretty well dwindled. Red Beast is the biggest name on the cutting room floor I think. Well, I assume Eldor will still happen and maybe even Darius. There’s the Evil Robot, but he’s never really been high on my list either.

      I’d also rather have Calix than some vintage figures & Filmation figures too. Except maybe Hawke. Hawke should be in the Filmation line already.

      1. I’d rather have the Golden Books Rock Warriors than Calix. Here’s to hoping they can work out a happy medium between the two. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I desperately want them to make variants out of the Wave 5-6 accessory sets, especially if character selection is based off of the vintage box and/or promo art (Scubattack Skeletor, Jet Sled He-Man, Cliff Climber Man-At-Arms). I really want those sets — they’re featured in some of the great art from the era and they’d be a very good way to get particular repaints/updates of figures that otherwise have no avenue. I would love to have a toy-colors Man-At-Arms, and so many are clamoring for a He-Man 2.0. Why not do it this way?

        Of course, any chance of that goes out the window with the rework.

  12. So, we have Mr. T’s Biker Cousin who drinks water instead of milk… Shame about the weapon packs cause a “Geldor Glass of Milk” would have been freaking sweet!

    Nepthu… His face is off… Needs Eyeliner and Eye shadow… Kinda looks like Nicolas Cage…

    Weapons pack: WE’RE getting KOWL!! Also WTMangosteen with the Clawful Green He-Man stuff?

    Sky Sled!!

    Loo-Kee… Mangosteen thaT Judgmental squirrel in rainbow leg warmers!! (I’m so getting it if/when released!)

  13. Excellent way to kick SDCC 2013. Man I wish we were getting the whole entire Battle Ram but at less we getting 1/2 of it. The new figures look great. The countdown is on for Friday so we can see the rest of the Fall & the 1st 1/4 of 2014 figures. December is already gonna hurt my pockets–Sike!

  14. I thought Geldor was supposed to be black?

    Also hoping that’s not the final colors for the green He-Man gear, I was hoping for a translucent green with gold hilt for NA He-Man…. but I’ll settle for just being translucent. Solid green isn’t very appealing…

  15. The mystery sword Matty showed months ago belong to—SEA HAWK. OMG hs design is perfect. They just revealed his designed.

  16. Liking all but Nepthu. Really no idea on all but his extras would be the buy factor. Tos the lame-o.

    I await the other reveals.

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